NOX – Dine In The Dark to close permanently on 28th August

After 8 years in operation, dine in the dark experience NOX is set to close its doors on 28th August 2021, at its location at 269 Beach Road. The establishment thanks all their guests, partners and employees for supporting them over the past years.

“Over the years, NOX – Dine In The Dark has built a strong following and served many guests who returned for the unique experience. Our team has come together well as we found our niche in the community and we are extremely proud that our restaurant has been so well-received by our guests. We urge everyone to come and experience NOX – Dine In The Dark before the end of August; and for our regular guests to relive the experience with our most popular dishes, as we close this chapter that will be etched in our memory.”

– Diyana, Restaurant Manager at NOX – Dine In The Dark

“While it’s definitely sad, we are optimistic about the future and are currently working on continuing NOX – Dine In The Dark at a new location so that we can better serve your dine in the dark experience and be able to host you again as soon as we can, but at this stage, Singapore we don’t know how, where and when it could happen,” adds Jesper Gustafsson, owner and founder.

More information on their website here

Dine in the dark experience NOX at risk of closing as landlord disputes validity of renewal clause

After 8 years in operation, unique dine in the dark experience NOX may be set to close its doors, due to their landlord disputing the validity of their renewal clause, and has demanded they vacate the premises by the end of June 2021.

“It’s extremely disappointing to be faced by this situation as we have battled through a very difficult period of lockdown and social distancing during the past 12 months. I started NOX – Dine In The Dark with consideration of the amazing skills the blind workforce can bring to such a unique dining experience for customers. We are currently communicating with our landlord and hopefully this can be resolved so that we can continue our operations,” says Jesper Gustafsson, owner and founder.

Since their launch in 2013, NOX has welcomed thousands of guests, both local and visitors from overseas, and have employed many staff over the years. One of NOX’s goals has been to serve as a form of social enterprise, by providing the visually impaired a second home. As such, all of their staff now run the risk of facing unemployment, should their lease not be renewed.

“Being able to work at NOX gives me a sense of purpose and belonging. It offers me a job which I love, and also the opportunity to share my story with all the guests to create Singapore awareness for the blind. I’m really worried about the future but I hope this can be solved,” shared Bernard Chew, host at NOX – Dine in the Dark.

As of now, NOX is seeking support from the public through increased visitorship, or new landlords to shift the experience to. For more information, visit their website here, and reach out to them via their email at