Food For Now: Fatboy’s Launches Durian Burger

Over 300 suggestions later, Fatboy’s is ready to unveil the winning ingredient of their 12th birthday challenge with the launch of the all new Fatboy’s Durian Burger.

“We were thoroughly impressed by the enthusiasm of our fans and friends. At Fatboy’s, we love hearing from you because that’s how we ensure that we consistently serve up comfort food we know you’ll love!” says Bernie Tay, Founder, Fatboy’s.

From 26 September to 10 October, participants bombarded the challenge with some of the most creative, and crazy, suggestions of what ingredients we should include in our Fatboy’s menu. Amidst the cries for mooncake, squid and even controversial coriander, 12 lucky participants emerged victorious and walked away with $100 worth of Fatboy’s vouchers each.

For anyone who harbours second guesses about the pungent, meaty fruit in a burger, we invite you to have a taste for yourself. Crunch into a generous slab of durian croquette that has been fried to golden-brown perfection, layered over a juicy homemade beef patty featuring the signature Fatboy’s blend. While your senses reel over the supreme textures, let your tastebuds luxuriate in the thick creaminess of decadent durian puree enhanced with a tart smear of jam, all wrapped in the warm hug of a fluffy buttered bun.

Durian Burger now available at all Fatboy’s outlets. More information available on their website,
Instagram and Facebook.

Food For Now: Timbre+ Eastside opens at Expo

Timbre+ Eastside, the second Timbre+ in Singapore, will officially open its doors on 27th November 2021! Sprawled across 2000sqm, Timbre+ Eastside is Singapore’s first sustainable food park. Home to 21+1 (Bottle Shop) food and retail stores, first of its kind Kerbside drive-thru pick-up, and placemaking community facilities such as a playground, cycling pitstop, book swop corner, the space also features live music and entertainment.

Danny Loong, CEO and Co-Founder of Timbre Group, says, “Buoyed by our success at Timbre+ one-north, Timbre+ Eastside has been many years in the making. Timbre+ Eastside is our placemaking locale in the East, where we serve the greater Eastside community—offering them a unique location where they can enjoy good food, drinks, and music. It is also a space to revisit to keep your family entertained and be part of an exciting community.

He adds, “Being Singapore’s first sustainable food park was also very important to us as every single one of us can make a difference in the world, and if we, as a business, can create a positive impact, we should.” Guests are encouraged to come by Timbre+ Eastside’s official opening on 27 November themed “Rollin’ Feast Times”, where they will enjoy convoys of Vintage Cars & Bicycles and Supercars lining up outside Timbre+ for photo opportunities, between 12 – 5 pm. There will also be a Cycling Clinic with cycling maintenance and cycling safety workshops. Happening all day is a Festive-themed Fair at Studio+ for all those who wish to get their Christmas shopping done early.

Timbre+ Eastside is designed with sustainability in mind, from green infrastructure such as solar panels to other programmes like Timbre+’s Gift-It-Bag and One Kind Block. All the power Timbre+ Eastside will use are from renewable sources, such as solar panels that are already in place at the Singapore Expo.

Timbre+ Eastside will also be implementing EV charging points in phase 2 for electric vehicles so diners can charge their EVs while they are at Timbre+ Eastside, as well as an on-site food digester to compost all food waste generated every day. Eventually, the power generated by the food digester will also be used to power Timbre+ Eastside.

The community can get involved with initiatives like the Gift-It-Bag programme where diners can donate their washable tote bags. It will be available for collection from within the Gift-It-Bag booth, after washing. When people take away their food, they can use these washable tote bags free of charge. After all, every step counts to reduce single plastic use.

The Bottle Shop at Timbre+ Eastside sells modular hydroponic systems from One Kind Block, created by teenage entrepreneur Dylan Soh. One Kind Block’s hydroponic systems will enable apartment-dwellers to get into the fun of urban farming by growing their vegetables using his patented system. At Timbre+, with every hydroponic block purchased, Timbre+ will donate one to the elderly, so they can garden in the comfort of their living room.

Finally, Timbre+ Eastside is home to a book swop corner where diners are encouraged to take and leave well-loved books behind. This not only drives the love for reading but also saves books from being thrown away.

Timbre+ Eastside is located across 2,000 sqm and can sit 800 (without Safe Management Measures). It offers a diverse mix of international and local cuisine from its 21+1 different food and retail stores. The curated selection includes Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wings, Lao Niang De Dian, which serves fusion Malaysian and Thai food, Ajiya Okonomiyaki, for an authentic okonomiyaki fix, and Kopifellas’ Smoked Duck Lor Mee.

The Bottle Shop is in the centre of all this, featuring a plethora of 200 curated beers, ciders, and international spirits. Be amazed by the robotic arm that will mix, shake, and stir a classic cocktail or two. Of course, it would not be Timbre+ without some live entertainment, and once permitted, Timbre+ Eastside will be rocking with multi-dimensional entertainment and live bands in a vibrant atmosphere.

The urbanised food park also offers 13 unique first-of-its-kind Kerbside drive-thru pick-up units innovated to help reduce delivery costs for Timbre+’s food partners. Diners can order food via our Timbre+ app and then drive by for a fuss-free food pickup in the comfort of the car.

Danny adds, “We wanted Timbre+ to be a champion for local culinary talents, who are Singapore’s bastion of food culture. At the same time, we want to help our food partners through our various innovations and technology, which is why we had innovatively designed this first of its kind Kerbside drive-thru pick-up and contactless payments.”

Designed as a place for communities to come together to meet, learn and play, Timbre+ Eastside is constantly filled with programmes to keep you and your family entertained.

The centrepiece of Timbre+ Eastside is a Children’s Playground for kids to burn off some energy. Located within an air well, it allows for better ventilation and light to filter through the whole venue. The playground will be for kids to entertain themselves while parents dine with the kids in view.

Additionally, Timbre+ Eastside is located along the Eastern cycling path towards park connectors, a bicycle shop, and bicycle parking space for a cycling pit stop for diners to refuel and refresh before powering on. On the weekends, diners can enjoy activities such as exercise classes and food fairs at Studio+, an air-conditioned space located within Timbre+, perfect for such events.

Timbre+ Eastside
Where: 1 Expo Drive, Outside Singapore Expo Hall 5, Singapore 486150
When : 9am-11pm daily, individual stalls may have own opening times

Food For Now: Shake Shack releases Holiday Shakes for the 2021 Festive Season

Jingle all the way…to Shake Shack! Two Holiday Shakes are shaking up the festivities — the fan-favourite, Christmas Cookie Shake is back at the Shack alongside an all-new Chocolate Milk & Cookies Shake. As an extra special treat for the adults, Shacks will offer the Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Mini Bottle Champagne (20cl) to pair with the limited-time Black Truffle Menu. These are available at Shacks islandwide from 1st to 31st December 2021.

This season’s about to get sweeter with Shake Shack’s Holiday Shakes ($8.80 each) – inspired by nostalgic treats like sugar cookies and Ovaltine. The classic Christmas Cookie Shake is a winter dream of sugar cookie frozen custard topped with whipped cream, crumbled shortbread and holiday sprinkles. More chocolate than vanilla? The Chocolate Milk & Cookies Shake is a generous blend of chocolate chips and Oreo cookies hand-spun with malted chocolate frozen custard then finished off with whipped cream and chocolate cookie crumble topping.

In celebration of the festive season, Shake Shack Singapore is offering a Moët & Chandon champagne pairing with the Truffle menu. The Moët & Chandon Impérial Brut Mini Bottle Champagne ($28 per 20cl bottle) offers bright fruitiness and elegant maturity, that complements the intense and aromatic Black Truffle ShackBurger, Chick’nShack and loaded Crinkle Cut Fries, and is available until the end of this year.

Shake Shack’s 2021 Holiday Shakes are available from 1st to 31st December 2021 at all Shake Shack outlets in Singapore. More information available here

Food For Now: Shake Shack to open 8th outlet at Westgate

Shake Shack is opening its first restaurant in Singapore’s West side, with Shake Shack Westgate set to be its eighth restaurant locally. As part of Shake Shack’s mission to Stand For Something Good®, which includes working with local artists that form the community, Shake Shack has partnered with Ink and Clog Studio to create a mural inspired by the urban green spaces that are Westgate and the wider city.

To celebrate the opening of Shake Shack Westgate on 30th October, Shake Shack Singapore will debut a loaded Black Truffle Burger, Black Truffle Chick’n and Crinkle Cut Fries topped with our black truffle sauce. The limited-time menu is available first at Shake Shack Westgate from 30th October; and at all other Shacks from 4th November till 31st December 2021.

Inspired by Shake Shack’s fine-casual concept where premium ingredients meet with their roadside burger DNA, the Black Truffle menu features three crowd-favourites with a truffle twist. The Black Truffle Burger, an all-natural 100% Angus beef cheeseburger, is topped with swiss cheese, crispy fried shallots, fresh arugula and our black truffle sauce, delivering layers of rich, savory flavors. Fans of the classic Chick’n can opt for the upgraded Black Truffle version, topped with fresh arugula and house- pickled shallots. No Shake Shack experience is complete without the signature Crinkle Cut fries, and the limited-time Black Truffle Fries are topped with the rich black truffle sauce, crispy shallots and a sprinkle of fresh scallions.

Shake Shack is proud to support the local community and continues to source incredible ingredients from some of Singapore’s best confectionaries. Shake Shack Westgate will be presenting the exclusive Peelin’ Cherry-fic concrete, a re-inspiration of the classic banana split. Featuring a vanilla and chocolate custard base, the concrete is a blend of fresh bananas, caramel sauce, crunchy sugar cone shards and Lemuel chocolate chunks by home-grown Singaporean bean-to-bar chocolate maker, Ronald Ng. Topped with a cherry, the Peelin’ Cherry-fic concrete balances rich chocolatey flavors and fruity aromas. In line with Shake Shack’s mission to Stand For Something Good®, 5% of sales from the Shack Attack™ concrete will be donated to Beyond Social Services, a non-profit dedicated to supporting youths and children from less privileged backgrounds.

Shake Shack Westgate is brightened by Singaporean visual artists Ink and Clog Studio’s (Inkten and Clogtwo) vibrant mural where abstract forms, shapes and lines are encapsulated in typography. Speaking metaphorically about human unity, futuristic infrastructures and natural coexistence with flora, Ink and Clog Studio brings to life the congregation of individuals, nature and the urban environment through design; a reflection of the community-gathering experience at every Shack around the world. Combining the structural form of the statement Stand for Something Good® with the expressive fluidity of Graffiti painting, the art piece joins in harmony, creating a celebration for the arts and philosophy.

Building on its sense of place, the artist duo took inspiration from Westgate which represents a mini metropolis with vibrant spaces for the community — abstract patterns and geometric forms are employed to resemble the architecture of Singapore’s futuristic garden city, while lines represent the organic elements of people and nature that inhabit the surroundings. Ink and Clog Studio brings to life the congregation of individuals, nature and the urban environment through design; a reflection of the community-gathering experience at every Shack around the world.

Shake Shack’s eighth outlet will be located at Westgate, 3 Gateway Drive #01-20, Singapore 608532. Find out more on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Food For Now: Revolver introduces all new menu influenced by the Malabar Coast

Malabar Crab

Following the success of its debut dining experience, Revolver — the bold, fiery grill — has unveiled an all-new menu celebrating the best in seasonal produce and spice, influenced by the Malabar Coast, including some of Goa’s well-known flavour profiles. Award-winning Executive Chef Saurabh Udinia continues to present inventive dishes using premium, exciting ingredients while retaining his approach to cooking, using flame and smoke. True to its name, the industrial-sleek restaurant is set to revolve its menus every two months with fresh, innovative Discovery and Experience menus.

Fresh paneer with coriander pesto

Blending Indian cooking sensibilities, world-class premium produce and carefully selected global spices, all revolving menus by Chef Saurabh Udinia are charred to perfection on the custom-built Woodfired grill, or the beautiful hand-built Tandoor. The menus begin with a new iteration of the much-loved Stuffed Courgette Flowers. This time, the intriguing vegetables are stuffed with spiced potato mash, flavoured with curry leaves and onions; and lightly finished with a mango pickle.

Stuffed Courgette Flowers

The Experience tasting menu (SGD 199++) introduces new highlights such as a flavourfully-spiced Malabar Crab and Parmesan Kulchette, and Hokkaido Scallops grilled over wood embers and served with Indian lemon pickle beurre blanc, topped with finger lime. The Chicken Scotch Egg, Caviar, offers a new twist and is served on a bed of crisp potato nest, turmeric and chives aioli. Chef Saurabh ends off the premium menu with the Dessert Kulchette – a little bold and unconventional, the sweet version of the tandoor-cooked flat bread is stuffed with Indian milk fudge and topped with ghee, jaggery, pistachios, almonds and kulfi gelato.

Kurobuta Pork Belly Vindaloo

The Discovery menu (SGD 139++) features Salmon, Red Chili Dust which is grilled over woodfire after being marinated in red chili paste and ginger, as well as lightly spiced Lamb Kofta, cooked in the tandoor, served with pickled onions and mint & cucumber yogurt. The Vegetarian menu (SGD 129++) takes root vegetables to a new whelm with a Sweet Potato Street Style dish. The potatoes are roasted, and then served on a bed of tangy coriander and tamarind mash and garnished with pomegranates and toasted cashew nuts. Vegetarians will delight in the five-spice marinated and meaty Jackfruit Vindaloo, charred in tandoor and served with a traditional Vindaloo curry.

Dessert Kulchette

The 6-course Lunch menu (SGD 99+++) presents highlights of Revolver with the Spiced Chickpea and Parmesan Kulchette, Tandoor-cooked flat bread stuffed with Parmesan, topped with masala chickpeas fricassee and pickled onions. For diners who cannot get enough of Chef Saurabh’s culinary experiences, add-ons such as the Rock Lobster, Bombay Chilli Cheese, half lobster (SGD 118+++), Kurobuta Pork Belly Vindaloo (SGD 19+++), and more, are also available.

The Revolver dining experience is not complete without a consultation with their experienced sommelier to decide upon which libation route to take. Guests can also go for a 3- or 5- glass Wine Pairing menu (SGD 50++ and SGD 120++), or go all out with the Experience Pairing (SGD 168++) featuring Sham’s choice of cocktails, wine and sake. Unique, exciting and natural wines are also available by the glass and bottle. A well-curated cocktails list is also on offer, including the ever-popular and spicy, El Diabo.

Where: 56 Tras St, Singapore 078995
When: Tuesday to Sunday: 12-2:30pm (Last Order: 2:15pm), 6pm-12am (Last Order: 9:45pm). Closed on Mondays.

Food For Now: At-Sunrice’s Sunday Luxe Series – Sunday Eggsperience with Chef Haikal Johari

The Sunday Luxe Series, At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy’s signature event, will be transformed into an eggciting day of learning and tasting, where guests will be taken on epicurean journey that is themed around one of our everyday food ingredients, eggs, also considered to be an exceptional superfood and a great source of nutrients.

The Sunday Luxe Series takes place every fortnight with one of the following themes – food mission, heritage, food business and sustainability – and the upcoming installation of the Sunday Luxe Series will lend focus to food sustainability in supporting local produce by spotlighting eggs as the anchor ingredient of the event. Learn how poultry eggs and roes are used in deceptively simple to incredibly complex creations in this unforgettable dining experience, while being introduced to homegrown producers and ways to consume sustainably.

The one-day egg-themed event on Sunday, 5 December 2021, is hosted by Executive Chef Haikal Johari of one-Michelin-starred Alma by Juan Amador that serves European cuisine with an Asian twist. A Singaporean native, Chef Haikal was the founding chef of the Water Library, one of the finest culinary institutions in Thailand, and helped establish it and expand into other cities. Following a motorcycle accident in October 2015 which left him wheelchair-bound, Chef Haikal returned to Singapore to helm the acclaimed Alma by Juan Amador restaurant at the Goodwood Park Hotel.

Guests will be treated to a unique all-day dining experience where a luxurious eight-course brunch menu can be enjoyed throughout the day. Chef Haikal will be using ingredients of the highest quality to showcase the key ingredient for a gastronomic experience. Other activities include a produce market, wine workshop and cooking with eggs workshop.

Chef Haikal has created an exquisite eight-course menu that is befitting to be enjoyed any time
of the day. Using different kinds of eggs and roes that are derived from various sources as the
key ingredient, be awed by the different textures and techniques used by Chef Haikal to present
this delightful dining experience. Presented with his flair for European cuisine with an Asian
familiarity, you can expect a smorgasbord of textures and flavours, crafted from only the best

Spend a leisurely afternoon at the produce market to learn, taste and understand the many of facets of eggs by N&N Agriculture, Singapore’s high-tech, eco-friendly and bio-secured egg farm, and the wines of Italy and Spain by our official wine partner, Cellarmaster Wines. Explore a range of WellSpent© products that are made with upcycled eggshells – Eggshell Sea Salt, Mala Eggshell Sea Salt and Nori Eggshell Sea Salt.

Learn from N&N Agriculture all about pasteurised eggs at a cooking with pasteurised eggs workshop on how it is safe to consume them raw or parboiled to enjoy the true flavours. You will also learn from AtSunrice GlobalChef’s Chef Instructor on preparing amazing recipes including a pasta dish and salad dressing that will turn the humble raw egg into the star of the dish.

In the Shades of Italy wine workshop by Cellarmaster Wines, learn all about about Italian wines and go on a journey to discover the perfumes and aromas of Italian wines. Conducted by Claudio Nutti, a certified sommelier from the Italian Sommelier Association, taste and explore four different high-quality wines from
various regions in Italy.

Sunday Eggsperience takes place on Sunday, 5th December 2021. More information and tickets to events available here

Food For Now: POKKA Singapore Kicks Off The Season Of Giving With Lucky Draw Prizes Worth Up To $9,486

The most magical time of the year is finally here. POKKA Singapore is spreading joy this year-end with exclusive lucky draws, happening now till 31 December 2021. Grab one of your favourite POKKA drinks and stand a chance to walk away with attractive prizes that will surely liven up your house for Christmas and also for the year-end par-TEAs. 

As Santa is preparing his sleigh for his big round-the-world trip this December, the leading Ready-To-Drink Tea brand has rounded up the best beverages to make the holiday extra cozy while awaiting our presents! Singapore’s number one choice for Ready-To-Drink beverage brand has an extensive range of beverages for every thirst, regardless of age and occasion. 

Committed to driving the pursuit of lifelong vitality, POKKA has continuously won Singaporeans’ hearts with its genuine quality. The quality taste from each sip comes from 100% freshly real brewed tea and coffee, and 100% real juices with no added preservatives or colourings. Get into the mood by giving yourself and your loved ones a joyous moment with POKKA’s festive picks – Jasmine Green Tea, Ice Lemon Tea, Ice Peach Tea, Ice Blueberry Tea and Natsbee Honey Lemon. 

POKKA is giving you the gift of joy this Christmas! From now till 31 December, feed your inner geek and spend $5 worth of POKKA products* at 76 participating FairPrice outlets to be one of the lucky winners to win the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G (256 GB) or the Samsung Galaxy Watch4 Classic Bluetooth 46mm. 10 winners from this lucky draw will also be getting $200 FairPrice Gift Vouchers – the perfect opportunity to stock up on your Christmas gathering needs! 

Channel that inner Masterchef with Tiger Japan’s 3-in-1 Multi-Purpose Electric Skillet Pan (worth $449). Simply spend $5 worth of POKKA products* at participating Cold Storage outlets and this Electric Skillet with Grill Pan and Takoyaki could be yours! Head down to your nearest Cold Storage and stand a chance to bring home this 3-in-1 Multi-Purpose Electric Skillet Pan! 

Bring the spirit of the holidays closer to everyone with POKKA this festive period! Don’t miss out on these exclusive lucky draws and be sure to stock up your favourite POKKA drinks. 

Visit for more information

Food For Now: International Week of Italian Cuisine 2021 – Singapore Edition

The 6th edition of the International Week of Italian Cuisine in Singapore was launched at Casa Barilla, and runs from 22nd to 28th November. The event aims to promote Italian culinary excellence, with a focus on growing exchanges between Italian traditions and Singaporean flavours, with initiatives that put a spotlight on sustainability and heritage.

The event has been supported every year by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and in this 6th edition, will also be taking on the theme of environmental sustainability. The proposed events will concern the promotion of Italian restaurants and food and wine products, the organization of cooking classes and convivial initiatives dedicated to Italian excellence.

Food is the key to the heart, and more importantly, a key aspect of our own identity, representing a national spirit. And for Italians, good food is essentially part of their lifestyle, going hand in hand with the life philosophy of living well, of conviviality and bringing people together over celebrations. Whether it’s a sit-down dinner or a home-cooked meal with seasonal ingredients, the aim to to create wholesome food experiences, and share about Italy’s culture through recipes and their origins.

As such, multiple events, both in-person and online, aim to introduce Italy’s gastronomic culture and flavours to the people of Singapore and to share the love for Italy’s simple but high-quality cuisine. The week will include special promotions involving Italian restaurants, food, and wine marketplaces, and online platforms, with workshops and cooking classes, wine and food tastings, stellar dinners, and charity projects.

These include the opening event, “A Taste of Italy” Sunday Luxe event, presented by the Embassy of Italy in collaboration with At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. The event will feature Chefs Angelo Ciccone (Executive Chef at Regent Hotel), Michele Greggio (Executive Chef at Pan Pacific Hotel), Fabio Granata (Executive Sous Chef at St Regis Hotel), and Simone Fraternali (Chef-Partner at Solo Ristorante). At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy will also be offering Italian-focused content and classes with various Young Chefs & Private Chefs from 28th November. Not only that, but the entire day will be dedicated towards celebrating Italian food and produce, from a marketplace to extra virgin oil tasting workshops, beer workshops and gelato workshops.

“The International Week of Italian Cuisine kicks off on 21st November 2021 with a series of activities in At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy”, says Kwan Lui, Founder, and Director of At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy. “As an anchor partner of the week-long event and in support of the event’s good cause, 10% of the proceeds will be donated to charities. At-Sunrice is very honored to be chosen by the Italian Ambassador H.E. Mario Andrea Vattani as the venue host celebrating “A taste of Italy”. Italian cuisine is very popular in Singapore because it is enjoyed by the whole family as a delicious and healthy nutritious Mediterranean meal. In gratitude, we will incorporate the most popular Italian courses and events for a whole week and then we will conduct private chef programs from 28th November onwards”.

Not only is food important to culture, but also to the economy, creating jobs in both the F&B and export trade. Statistics show that retail sales of Italian products dramatically increased during Covid-19 time. Italian restaurants provided more takeaway choices, Italian importers added new products to the market, while many Singaporeans started to experiment with cooking Italian dishes at home. “Over the last few years, the food industry has been booming in Singapore, and Singapore’s appreciation for Italian food and wine increased significantly”, says Ilaria Piccinni, Deputy Trade Commissioner for Singapore, Italian Trade Agency (ITA). “Italy is the first supplier of olive oil, tomato sauce, and pasta to Singapore, the third supplier of mineral water and wines. The imports of Italian cheese, dairy products and bakery goods are expanding due to the rise of demand for home-cooking, because of the pandemic”.

“Italian agri-food business represents 205 Billion Euro or 12.1% of Italian total GDP employing over 1.3 Million people,” says Alberto Martinelli, President, Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (ICCS). “In 2020 the Italian food exports were the only growing sectors in Italy. Italy exports to Singapore 1.8 Billion EUR of goods and ICCS is very proud that it promoted – also with the e-commerce projects ItalianGallerySG – the “Made in Italy” in Singapore on the most important marketplaces: Redmart, Lazada, Shopee, and NTUC Fair Price. Among its products: Cosmetics, Apparel, Home appliances, Design&Furniture industries, and F&B”.

Italian food scholar Mrs Anna Lanzani

Other major events taking place throughout the week include “Dining with Stars – CIAK Si Mangia!” Italian Cuisine in Cinema (Zoom Live Course), a webinar presented by APICS on 23rd November, where you’ll retrace the great films of the Italian twentieth century, as led by Italian food scholar Mrs Anna Lanzani. Meanwhile on 27th November, enjoy “An Italian Night with Countess Massimilla di Serego Alighieri”, also on Zoom, which commemorates the Anno Dantesco (seven-hundredth anniversary of Dante’s death) with Countess Massimilla di Serego Alighieri, a descendant of Dante. And for special guests, a Conviviale at Art Restaurant.

“The Italian Academy of Cuisine continues its activity during this difficult time for the F&B Businesses”, says Chiara Randi, Italian Academy of Cuisine – Singapore Delegation. “This year we awarded the 8th Diploma di Buona Cucina to “Art” Restaurant, months before it received its first Michelin Star. This has already happened with two other excellent restaurants, Garibaldi in 2014 and Buona Terra in 2018, that were awarded the Diploma years before they had the recognition from the Michelin Guide. This is in line with our mission of continuing to monitor, research, and enhance the Italian culinary offers in Singapore”.

It makes sense then that there would be so many opportunities over the week to enjoy Italian cuisine and produce, such as the Italian Street Food Week, as some of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore serve up an Italian street food delicacy, paired with carefully hand-picked drinks to match each flavour. It is worth noting that over the last 5 years, Italy’s street food vendors have increased by 50%, and the Italian Embassy in Singapore was particularly impressed by how Singapore has managed and maintain our street food so well, with hawker culture, to the extent we made it a key part of our pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale.

Enjoy the Gelato Festival at VenchiAlfero Gelato, and Pepino (from Alimentari), while selected bars and restaurants will be offering Campari cocktails for the Campari Cocktail Experience. Various online shops of selected importers and distributors of Italian products will also have special offers throughout the week, while NTUC Fairprice supermarkets be offering a promotion on various Italian products.

Hospitality has always been an important part of Campari Group’s values and mission, and it is a key ingredient of the world-renowned Italian cuisine”, says Matteo Fantacchiotti, Managing Director Asia Pacific, Campari Group. “The International Italian Cuisine Week is a celebration of Italian hospitality and it is an honor for Campari Group to represent Italy’s excellence in this area and help grow its awareness in Asia. Asia Pacific has been called out by Campari Group as one of the key regions to win globally, with the move of our regional APAC headquarters to Singapore last year. We look forward to continuing and growing our commitment in the Asia Pacific and helping celebrate Italian excellence in this region.”

Right down to the choice of holding the opening at Casa Barilla at Kreta Ayer Street, there has been so much thought that has gone into the planning of the event. Besides being a household name, where almost every household in Italy would likely have Barilla products, Barilla as a family business represents the Italian spirit of adapting and changing each time a challenge crops up. While the pandemic has made holding events as Casa Barilla difficult over the last two years, Barilla has plans to digitise more, while also further integrating their products into consumers’ lives – to introduce a tomato sauce (made from Italian tomatoes of course), encourage more Singaporeans to experiment with Italian recipes, and perhaps, begin a new network of Italian chefs by promoting more education.

“At Barilla, it is our pursuit to grow Italian gastronomy as an attractive lifestyle and enabler to living well through good, wholesome foods”, says Federico Vescovi, President Asia, Africa & Australia, Barilla. “Together with our Chef network, we are proud to drive the awareness and promotion of Italian pasta culture, a key pillar of the Mediterranean Diet. Through our products, consumers can enjoy delicious and wholesome Italian food at home. We are committed to being a partner supporting the Italian Cuisine Week for the 6th year and look forward to collaborating with like-minded industry players and institutions to continue to grow the fine culture and cuisine of Italy”.

“Singaporeans are more and more curious about Italian food, and they have a very broad view of culinary culture, which goes from top restaurants to lively hawker centers,” says Italian Ambassador in Singapore, H.E. Mario Andrea Vattani. “As Italians, we experience the cuisine as an open language. This allows us to move freely within the richness of our own regional and territorial identities. I believe that this particular approach to our own varied heritage resonates with Singapore, a truly international hub of comparison and coexistence between flavours and cultures”

International Week of Italian Cuisine 2021 – Singapore Edition runs from 22nd to 28th November 2021. The full list of programmes and more information is available here

Food For Now: Super Loco Group celebrates Christmas 2021, ‘Mexmas’ style

With the holiday season just around the corner, Super Loco Group is thrilled to bestow yuletide cheer upon patrons with a festive menu: a classic roast banquet exclusive to Chico Loco for those planning a cosy home Christmas gathering, and a Mexican feast at Lucha Loco and Super Loco for those looking to paint the town red, with sharing menus tailored to intimate pairs or cosy groups from 1st to 25th December 2021.

Ham it up at Christmastime with a Smoked Maple Agave Gammon Ham, cured in a cumin and cinnamon rub, dressed with smoked olive oil or a festive roast that will have loved ones gobbling with the Traditional Herb Marinated Turkey seasoned with oregano and sage, served with classic turkey gravy. Finish off that festive turkey with a Traditional Stuffing made with aromatic oregano, sage, hearty root vegetables, multigrain bread accompanied by a serving of cranberry compote on the side.

The Ancho Roast Beef Striploin promises to cause a holiday stir around the table, served with chipotle beef jus for a unique and juicy twist. More’s the merrier with timeless classic options such as Chico Loco’s Signature Rotisserie Chicken and Rotisserie Lamb Leg, seasoned in an aromatic brine for eight hours and slow-cooked on the rotisserie for a tender smoky finish.

Enjoy some soul with festive dinner spread with classic Southern sides like the Potato Salad with Quail Eggs, creamy Mac and Cheese, or Christmas companions Roasted Brussels Sprouts, and Chipotle BBQ Roasted Pumpkin. Get a spirited conversation going with Chico Loco’s Blood Orange & Guava Margarita and Tommy Lime Margarita, made with sustainably produced Arquitecto Tequila, or Mango and Passion Fruit Frescas for little ones.

No feast is complete without dessert, so save a spot for these crowd-pleasers. Sticky Pecan Pie and rich Dark Cherry Pie finds its place at the table for Thanksgiving, while Christmas brings an iconic Chocolate Log Cake made with rich chocolate sponge, chocolate buttercream, crunchy dark chocolate pearls covered in decadent Ariaga dark chocolate cream, and a classic Christmas dessert that’s been given a Mexican spin: warm Raisin Bread Butter Pudding with Mezcal Dulce Leche. Chico Loco’s Mexmas menu is exclusively available for islandwide delivery with a pre-order of three working days before date of delivery or pick-up, from 15 November to 25 December 2021 in time for Thanksgiving.

Patrons enjoying the festivities outdoors at Super Loco and Lucha Loco can look forward to Mexmas El Loco and Head Honcho set menus across all three restaurants, built for intimate experiences for two or larger cosy groups.

Featuring special Mexican-inspired festive dishes, the menus include the Herb Crusted Turkey and Traditional Mexican Mole, juicy Agave Glazed Gammon Ham cured in cumin, agave, cinnamon glaze, served with pineapple salsa and the Fire Grilled Angus Beef Fajitas: chilli-citrus marinated beef flank steak, served with grilled vegetables, soft gluten-free white corn tortillas, guacamole, pico de gallo and chili-citrus salsa. These set menus also include a hearty entourage of classic starters, sides such as tostadas, Mexican rice, frijoles and Ensalada Rustica salad, and all-time favourite crunchy cinnamon churros and dark chocolate sauce.

Drink in the festive glow of the season with the special Red Christmas cocktail, made with a tropical twist: shaken with sustainably produced Arquitecto Blanco tequila, Machetazo Cupreta mezcal, coconut water, pineapple, orgeat syrup, ginger and cinnamon agave and sangria float. Guests at Super Loco Robertson Quay can revel in the festive atmosphere with a Christmas Spiced Mocha, brewed with dark chocolate, soy milk and generously dusted with freshly grated cinnamon.

Super Loco Group’s Mexmas menu is available from 1st to 25th December 2021. Pre-orders can be made here.

Lucha Loco and Super Loco’s El Loco and Head Honcho Mexmas menus are exclusively available for dine-in, from 1st to 25th December 2021. Reservations can be made here.

Tipple Time: BREWERKZ is Singapore’s Most Awarded Brewery at Asia Beer Championship 2021

Brewerkz, Singapore’s longest running craft brewery, continues their 24-year-long award-winning streak and clinches multiple awards. The brewery has won a total of five [2 Gold, 1 Silver, 2 Bronze] medals at the prestigious Asia Beer Championship 2021, the most out of all the breweries from Singapore.

Into its fourth year, the annual Asia Beer Championship is judged by a panel of experienced professional brewers and accredited Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) certified beer judges, ensuring expert assessment of all the beers entered into the Asia Beer Championship.

This year, the competition attracted a total of 367 beer registrations from 80 breweries spanning across 15 countries represented at the Championships. Brewerkz was among the eight entries from Singapore that held their own against some of the best brands in the region vying for the title. The award recognizes those who impress and innovate within the craft brewing industry and had the beers competing in 32 independent categories.

Brewerkz accredited winning beers are:
• Mildy Dark Mild – Gold Medal, Dark/Brown Ale
• Rye in Peace – Gold Medal, Porter
• Smoked Rye Dunkel – Silver Medal, International Dark Lager
• Yellow Submarine – Bronze Medal, Sour Beer
• Deer Kick – Bronze Medal, Stout

Separately, three of Brewerkz’s beers were also chosen and awarded the prestigious
“Chairman’s Selection” accolade denoting its distinctive high quality.
• Circuit Breaker New England IPA – New England IPA
• DCT – New England IPA
• Black-T – Spice/Herb Flavored Beer

“We are humbled to receive these awards. They are an affirmation of our hard work and effort to keep innovating and creating high quality craft beers” says Mitch Gribov, Head Brewer of Brewerkz. “This has been a real team effort and we cannot wait to show our fans the pipeline of beers that we have coming up.”

These awards built on a series of other awards that Brewerkz has also garnered in recent international competitions. They include the acclaimed Brew King 2021 – Singapore, London Beer Competition 2021, Best Brewer in Singapore by RateBeer 2021, Best Design (Pandemic Related) by Craft Beer Marketing Award 2021.

From its roots being established in 1997, Brewerkz is still championing its effort for the local brewing industry today. The brand is increasing its effort to develop even more award-winning artisanal craft brews alongside their current perennial favourites in 2022 and beyond. As an independent brewery, Brewerkz seeks to constantly develop, advance and innovate in hopes of making a contribution to the ever-growing craft beer movement and local craft brew community in Singapore.

The winning beers are now available or will soon be made available at Brewerkz outlets
in Singapore and Brewerkz estore. Read more about the results of the Asia Beer Championship here