Tipple Time: Brewerkz launches Tour De Beer Challenge to celebrate Singapore Cycling

What does beer and cycling have in common? That quenched feeling of delight and satisfaction at the end! To debut the release of its new beer with a cycling theme — Chain Reaction West Coast IPA, Brewerkz has launched it’s first-ever Tour De Beer Challenge to celebrate the flourishing local cycling culture.

The Brewerkz Tour De Beer Challenge is a self-guided, non-competitive fun cycling event. Instead of a typical race, participants can complete the event at their own pace and time as they traverse around Singapore taking in the sights of the cityscape. Quench your thirst for exploration and embark on an exciting adventure with us! Participants are required to visit all 4 Brewerkz outlets and complete all 4 challenges to be rewarded with a free pint of Chain Reaction West Coast IPA.

Participants can also take part in the Brewerkz Tour De Beer Challenge to win even more attractive prizes. STRIKE A POSE to win Brewerkz beers or MAKE YOUR MARK in the Strava Art contest to win prizes ranging from an exclusive private tour of the local Brewerkz brewery to experiencing the Brewerkz Singapore River Dining Cruise. Focusing not on the race but rather on the journey, this challenge strives to let participants relish the love for cycling and explore uncharted areas they otherwise wouldn’t have. Put your gear on, savour the sights of Singapore and experience this delightful cycling escapade to remember for a lifetime.

“With the growing ridership in Singapore, we wanted to have a beer that would celebrate the vibrant cycling scene, hence the Chain Reaction West Coast IPA” says Tan Wee Han, CEO of Brewerkz. “And we thought it would be fun to do a cycling themed event to bring some fun and cheer in the midst of this pandemic, hence the Brewerkz Tour De Beer Challenge!”

Registered participants will receive an exclusive challenge pack including a themed challenge dry-fit t-shirt, a 330ml can of Chain Reaction West Coast IPA, and a Passport Card to participate in the competition, all in a special edition Brewerkz branded tote bag.

The Chain Reaction West Coast IPA is part of Brewerkz’s Singapore Series, a line-up celebrating the spirit of Singapore. This vibrant beer features a series of beautifully intense tropical notes including zesty passionfruit, juicy pineapple, fresh citrus and pine needles. It has resinous hoppiness and boasts a soothing lingering bitterness on the finish. It is the perfect ode to this little island’s robust cycling scene – a brew that makes it worth the ride!

Crafting and developing locally inspired brews is significant to Brewerkz, and the brewery plans to continue to deliver quality, novel artisanal brews that are influenced by Singapore’s culture with select ingredients and choice picks that are deeply rooted in the community.

Registration to the Brewerkz Tour De Beer Challenge is $43/pax and registered participants will receive an exclusive challenge pack including a themed challenge dry-fit t-shirt, a 330ml can of Chain Reaction West Coast IPA, and a Passport Card to participate in the competition, all in a special edition Brewerkz branded tote bag. Upon competition of all 4 challenges at 4 Brewerkz outlets, the Passport Card can be used to redeem one pint of Chain Reaction West Coast IPA at any Brewerkz outlet.

Registration for the Brewerkz Tour De Beer Challenge opens from 16th November 2021, while the challenge will run from 10th December 2021 till 10th January 2022. For more details on the Brewerkz Tour De Beer Challenge, visit their website here.

Tipple Time: Osaka Fruits Liquor Brand Umeshuya Opens New Flagship Store in Takashimaya   

After great success from an event-based pop-up shop operation in Singapore, Umeshuya, a Japanese fruits Liquor brand established in 1935 in Japan, has opened its first specialty boutique store in Singapore, at Takashimaya. The shop functions as a concept store as well as a showroom featuring some 30 specially selected fruit liqueurs from all over Japan. And as part of their dedicated service, the story behind the liquor or brand, will be shared with consumers to help them make better decisions in purchasing the right product tailored to their taste. 

Umeshuya itself, is a specialty store devoted to Japanese Umeshu, Yuzu and fruit-flavored liquor all the way from OSAKA, JAPAN and its legacy is the result of strongly forged partnerships with carefully selected sake breweries and wineries from all over Japan; some of which have been around since the 1600’s and of which only uses the finest local fruit in their brews.

In an age of mass production, Umeshuya has been developing their business in Japan and abroad with the aim of conveying the feelings of their customers through their sake and handmade products. Umeshuya’s mission is to make people’s dining experience more fulfilling with their sake and with this in mind, they have decided to open a limited time shop at Takashimaya, the hub of Japanese food culture in Singapore.

Inspired by the founder’s roots and intertwined with his ideology of “I want to share the delicious brewed sake”, Umeshuya recommends their top sellers: the Shio Ume for its mix of flavour profiles such as acidity, richness, and lingering saltiness; the rich Aotan, which contains yuzu that is hand-squeezed into the liquor; and the Shio Yuzu, a salted yuzu liqueur that offers a unique blend of flavour profile of saltiness and sourness that creates an exquisite rich flavour.

In celebration of the opening of the boutique store, Umeshuya will also be collaborating with Ippudo to hold a Umeshu Tasting event at Ippudo restaurant at Shaw Centre between 21st – 23rd September.

Umeshuya is located at Takashimaya Singapore, 391A Orchard Rd, Singapore 238873 Basement 2 Food hall B209-2/2. Online delivery service for multiple bottles is also available. Visit www.umeshuya-singapore.com for more information.

The Umeshu tasting event runs from 21st to 23rd September 2021 at 1 Scotts Road #04-22 /23 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208). Limited seats available, prior reservations are recommended. For reservations,
contact IPPUDO Shaw Center by email ippudo_sc@ippudo.com.sg or telephone at 6235 2547

Tipple Time: Ishizuchi Sake changes distributors in Singapore

In August 2021, Inter Rice Asia Pte Ltd became the official importer of Ishizuchi Sake. With their belief in carrying sakes from around Japan that best represent the specific areas around Japan, Ishizuchi perfectly encapsulates that mission, as one of the best representations of quality sake from Ehime, straight from the foot of Mt Ishizuchi. Previously, Ishizuchi was distributed by Emporium Shokuhin and they even had an Ishizuchi Bar in Marina Square. However, they were left without representation when the concept store shut down.

Inter Rice Asia will be carrying these 7 labels for a start and looking to expand into their
other labels in the near future.
1) Ishizuchi Junmai Muroka
2) Ishizuchi Junmaii Ginjo Midori
3) Ishizuchi Junmai Ginjo Yamadanishiki
4) Ishizuchi Junmai Ginjo Betsu Atsurae
5) Ishizuchi Junmai Daiginjo
6) Ishizuchi Junmai Daiginjo Masamune
7) Ishizuchi Junmai Daiginjo Vanquish
8) Ishizuchi Ginjo Natsugin – a seasonal special

On 25th August, Inter Rice will be hosting an on-nomi zoom session (#30) to celebrate the launch of the brand, Ishizuchi. The sake will be available on the website from 26th August. Participants will get to have a taste of the Vanquish, which is retailing on theartofsake.com at $238.

Junmai Daiginjo Vanquish sake

Founded in 1920 in Ehime prefecture, Ishizuchi Sake Brewery uses the extremely soft spring water “Uchinuki”. It is named after nearby Mount Ishizuchi, one of Japan’s seven sacred peaks. Ishizuchi makes great sake that is often recognised as winners of various sake competitions within and outside Japan. As far as possible, the brand uses local rice to make their sake, developed by cross-straining a heirloom rice and has a large grain with low protein content that can be polished to a very low level. This is exemplified with the brewery’s ultra premium Junmai Daiginjo Vanquish sake.

Ishizuchi Shuzo has always been a family-run business, and to date, continues to be run by the Ochi siblings and family. The person running the brewery is Hiroshi Ochi, while the Toji (or brewmaster) is his brother Minoru Ochi. Hiroshi’s wife also helps out with the daily operations in the company. Today, Ishizuchi has a production of around 180,000 Kilolitres, which is larger than the typical craft sake brewery. They believe that sake is not only about the ingredients, the best ingredients do not necessarily make the best sake.

Register for the Zoom session here More information on Ishizuchi here

Tipple Time: The Art of Sake holds 13th anniversary warehouse sale this weekend

The Art of Sake celebrates their 13th anniversary with a warehouse sale this weekend. At just a $10 entry fee, visitors can enjoy up to 35% off sake along with a mystery door gift, and the opportunity to do on-site sake tasting.

Highlights of the event include:

The Four Fox, with its unique and unconventional of sake bottles, makes for a wonderful gift. The metallic bottles come with an LED light for maximum surprise, and won it the Gold Petaward for “Best Luxury Packaging Design” in the world.

The fruity Sakari Junmai Ginjo surprisingly, contains no fruit. Its fermentation process is key to letting it develop the tropical nose of mango and melon, and led to it winning the Texsom 2021 Silver Medal.

Winner of the FSA Japan 2019 Gold medal, this sake comes packaged with a classy black and gold label, and has the youthful aroma of pineapple, lemon curd and fresh grapes, giving it a delicate and refreshing taste, with a citrus tail.

Also available is the IWC Sake Champion 2016, a vibrant dry style sake that is full of flavor and soft mouthfeel. It has a good umami and acidity balance, with notes of fresh green apple and spice.

All ticket sales will also be donated to the Singapore Children’s Society.

The Art of Sake’s 13th Anniversary Warehouse Sale runs on 17th, 18th, and 20th July 2021 at 16 Kallang Place, #03-19/20, S339156. Tickets available from Peatix.

If you miss the tickets to our warehouse sale event, don’t worry. Standby for our 24 hours online sale at theartofsake.com going at 15% off storewide, only on 19th July 2021 at theartofsake.com. See you there!

Tipple Time: Craft Beer For Everyone with Mikkeller Singapore

If I told you that we were going to drink craft beer at a hawker centre, the first reaction you might have is one of surprise. After all, one of our immediate thoughts when the words ‘beer’ and ‘hawker centre’ is old men sitting around a table crowded with bottles, talking trash while beer aunties hover around them offering another round of Tiger.

But with Danish craft beer label Mikkeller taking over a hawker stall at Chinatown Complex Food Centre, that image is about to change, perhaps with beer-lovers from more diverse backgrounds, all revelling in the joy of craft beer. Affectionately known as the ‘World’s Smallest Mikkeller Bar’, its co-founders Kuok Meng Chao and Daniel Goh also know that Mikkeller have never been ‘just’ about drinking, and have an entire culture and devoted fanbase. And to help them run it, they have General Manager Sylvester Fedor at the fore of the business,

“We’ve always enjoyed the Mikkeller brand beyond their brews, with initiatives like the running club and the festival, which makes it feel like a whole community,” says Sylvester. “That’s why we decided to message Mikkeller one day, and see if they were interested in reopening in Singapore. It was really just an idea for a pop-up at first, but after they saw the opening videos, HQ said let’s make it permanent, and here we are.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is g8euo6M.jpg

Sylvester’s affinity with craft beer began when he started patronising Smith Street Taps
seven years ago. The former flight steward’s straight-shooter personality, frequent visits,
and enthusiasm for the craft won over owners Daniel and Meng Chao, who eventually
offered him a part-time position at the hawker bar. Seeing the potential in the craft brewery business, Sylvester took the plunge and joined Young Master Ales, Hong Kong’s highest rated brewery, in 2017 as their representative in Singapore. He launched and built the brand’s presence in the city state, before setting his eyes on the regional and international market. He then moved to Bangkok, Thailand and became part of the Mikkeller family, working closely with Mikkeller Bangkok’s founders Jakob Mørkenborg Rasmussen and Rutima “Vaew” Vaewvichit as the General Manager of their three bars in the city.

The pandemic saw him returning home to Singapore, who required assistance with their distributorship, SST Trading Co. The lack of Mikkeller brand presence in Singapore upon his return then sparked a conversation between him and Mikkel, including a drunken idea to launch the world’s first hawker and smallest Mikkeller bar. “We decided on a hawker centre because there’s so much good good all around which makes for amazing pairings,” says Sylvester. “I also think that it creates a lower barrier for entry and more accessible to the mass market.”

When it comes to barriers to entry, Mikkeller can be pricey though – not just for customers, but even when it comes to bringing in the kegs from overseas. “The Mikkeller ethos has always been to keep a few core beers, but constantly changing out the other taps. Even with one specific beer, they can have 6 variations of it, like ageing it in a tequila barrel or with rum,” says Sylvester. “There’s a lot of freedom of choice in deciding what we want to bring in, and our goal is to always keep customers engaged with our products. COVID has made it hard for us to do everything we want, with countless delays in shipments thanks to a lack of containers in Copenhagen, while bringing the kegs here comes with a hefty price. Based on our margins though, we do try to keep the pricing lower so more people can try our beers, and really develop a taste and interest in the brand.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is screenshot-2021-03-07-at-12.30.11-pm.png

As the ‘World’s Smallest Mikkeller Bar’, the six sqm (65 sq ft) stall draws on Scandinavian aesthetics and playfully works around the spatial and aesthetical restrictions of a hawker centre. Pairing green square-tiled walls and flooring with light wood and clean lines, both the signboard and chalkboard menu display pay homage to the signature Mikkeller style adopted by Mikkeller bars around the world. “A local designer created all the woodwork for us, and we put it all in place once HQ approved,” says Sylvester. “It’s not huge, but at the same time, because it’s in a hawker centre, the possibilities are endless. You could put 200 people here and it still feels spacious!”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is NpDMZlj.jpg

Mikkeller Singapore only has 10 beers on tap alongside a curated selection of packaged beers from Mikkeller, international and local breweries. Being in Singapore, it also makes sense that much like their counterparts overseas, they’re also looking to do some local collaborations, and firmly establish themselves within the local craft beer scene. “We’re always in conversation on how to rotate our products, whether it’s sours or even non-alcoholic beers – sometimes we have pregnant ladies coming here with their kids, so what are they going to drink?” says Sylvester. “We’re also working with partners who’ve been with Mikkeller’s beer celebrations, or those we believe in, such as Heart of Darkness or Lion City Brewery. It’s our own way of giving back to the community and helping these guys garner more interest in their brands as well.”

Location | Mikkeller Singapore

Like other Mikkellers worldwide, Mikkeller Singapore features their very own logo, which sees the brewery’s mascot, Henry, in a Merlion costume. “The original mascots’ names are Henry and Sally, and it’s just this cute idea that they’re a couple who fell in love and share a love for beer,” says Sylvester. “We also wanted something unique for Singapore, like how Japan takes inspiration from kabuki, while Shanghai features the qipao and Korea the hanbok. We eventually pitched either the Sarong Kebaya or Merlion to our art director, and this is what he ended up with!”

Mikkeller Running Club | JustRunLah!

Mikkeller is not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle. And nowhere do we see it more than the running club, which has been active since they first arrived in Singapore in 2014. With the launch of Mikkeller in Singapore, the local chapter of Mikkeller Running Club (MRC) continues their tradition on the first Saturday of the month. Plus, participants are also rewarded with a complimentary beer at Mikkeller upon completing the run.

“Mikkeller’s products actually have certain nutrients that help hydrate you after a run!” says Sylvester. “We’re planning to expand it in future to, like doing runs in the East and the West, to bars that carry Mikkeller beers…And the people who participate are very enthusiastic too – you’ve got people acting like mini-tour guides along the way, where they’re pointing out good places to eat and places of interests!”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Cw7C1YF.jpg

“We’re confident that this stall will be a permanent stall, but we do also want to continue expanding in future to open an actual place, like a whole smokehouse or microbrewery. We also want to do a Mikkeller beer fest in Singapore, perhaps an entire festival spanning Robertson Quay to Marina Bay Sands, filled with ‘meet-the-brewer’ sessions and of course, beer,” says Sylvester. “I don’t think it’s such a far-fetched idea – you just the airspace to open up again, and more people with the same mindset as us.”

“The goal is to do more collaborations, and the possibilities endless. We’re pushing it as much as we can, and all of us have full confidence it’s going to work. There is a lot of hype and a lot of people interested in the brand and its ability to bring people together. Eventually, we could create an eco-system, and from there, create beer fests, push more products, and really, just building up belief in the brand, from uncles in the area, to beer geeks, to the everyday Singaporeans who may never even have heard of the brand before.”

Mikkeller Bar Singapore is located at #02-058 (Green Zone), Chinatown Complex, 335
Smith Street, Singapore 050335. They are open Tuesday-Friday, 5.30pm to 10.00pm and on
Saturday, 2.30pm to 10.00pm.
More information available on their Facebook or Instagram, where updates on the taplist, special events and more will be published.

Tipple Time: Sunbird and Lion Brewery Co. release Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose

If Singapore’s been feeling a little too hot and humid lately, it might be time to take a trip up a snowy mountain. But in this pandemic situation, how? The answer lies in Sunbird Brewing Company and Lion Brewery Co.’s new release – the Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose, the perfect thirst quencher to cool off in our tropical summer climate.

A Gose beer with the heart of Singapore and the soul of the snow-capped Kunlun Mountains, the Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose is an ode to the craft beer ethos of working together to bring an exchange of ideas and friendship between two Singaporean craft breweries. With a rich heritage dating back to 1836 London, Lion Brewery Co has been a well-established local brand in Singapore since 2018, recognised for their exceptional beers brewed with a devotion to quality and taste, while Sunbird Brewing Company, established 2020, has been the talk-of-town for their disruptive strategy of brewing creative craft beers to reach out to craft consumers of the future.

“During this challenging pandemic time where F&B businesses are having to constantly reinvent, we want to make the best of this collaboration to innovate,” shared Head Brewer and Director of Sunbird Brewing Company Clive Tan. “We are heartened by the trust and support Lion Brewing Co has given us and it is no better time for us to launch this true-to-style Gose beer to treat both Lion and Sunbird customers who have been supporting us.”

General Manager and Co-Founder of Lion Brewery Co, Will Julius, shared the story behind this meaningful collaboration. “We have been very keen to do a sour style for a while now so we were excited to be able to do a Gose with our friends at Sunbird. Goses are become really popular recently and we wanted to hero Asian flavours with this brew, which is why we used Snow Chrysanthemum. Ultimately, I think these types of collaborations are really about showcasing the quality of Singaporean craft beer and we are excited for everyone to try it!”

Unlike other beers available in the market, what sets the Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose apart is the championing of the unique taste of snow chrysanthemum (昆仑雪). The only wild chrysanthemum that grows at high altitudes on the Kunlun mountain in China, Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose is a deep gold-coloured, medium-low body Gose beer that exudes floral notes and a kumquat aroma to complement its earthy, tart taste.

The Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose is available via both Lion Brewery Co’s online shop and Sunbird Brewing Company’s online shop. All orders will be delivered right to your doorstep while you #stayhome.

Tipple Time: Sunbird releases Lucky White Stout for St. Patrick’s Day 2021

Screenshot 2021-03-20 at 8.59.55 AM

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day this year, local brand Sunbird brewery has launched the limited edition Lucky White Stout, exclusively for the month of March. 

The Lucky White Stout is a majestic top-fermented beer, set to warm your heart, reminiscent of old country beer with an innovative twist. With a full-body feel, creamy and slightly sweet, malty aftertaste, the beer was created through a dedicated brewing process with cold-steeped coffee and cocoa nibs without the use of the usual chocolate malt and roasted barley.

Head Brewer and Director of Sunbird Brewing Company Clive Tan shared the ideation of the White Stout: “ Having being in the local beer scene for years, we understand the demand for stout and thus wanted to curate something special for St. Patrick’s Day this year. In the international market, White Stout is considerably popular and we wanted to introduce such new ‘style’ of stout in the Asia market as well.”

In the com ing months, Sunbird Brewing Company will be announcing exciting flagship initiatives as part of its one year journey in the local craft beer scene its first brew in April 2020 during the circuit breaker period. 

Sunbird’s Lucky White Stout is available through their online store here. A pack of 6 and 12 will be priced at $49.90 and $88.00 respectively and a special party pack of 24 will be at $150, inclusive of free next-day delivery. All online customers will enjoy free islandwide delivery with a purchase of $65 and above.

Tipple Time: Sake brewery Nihonsakari rebrands as Sakari Sake

Formerly known as Nihonsakari, one of the world’s biggest Sake breweries has now rebranded itself as Sakari Sake. Founded in 1889 by five young people in Nishinomiya, the original Nihonsakari sake is distinct for using Miyamizu, the pristine water from the Rokko Mountains. Nishinomiya is also well-known for being the home terroir for Yamada Nishiki rice, often considered one of the best short-grain rice to use for quality sake.

Within 10 years, Nihonsakari became one of the top sake breweries, and in 1913, were selected as the purveyor of sake for the enthronement ceremony of Emperor Taisho, with the Junmai Ginjo Souhana still served in the imperial household till today. As times changed, so did Nihonsakari, innovating their sake brewing techniques to continually improve and produce high quality sake. In a similar vein, their branding has also evolved to match 21st century Japanese sensibilities, with a new logo and new labels.

The new logo is made of 5 modern sake glasses honouring the brand’s five founders, and five petals of the sakura flower, the flower of Nishinomiya. The symmetry and crisp clear lines embrace modernity, Japanese minimalism and the concept of Shibusa, the aesthetics of the simple, subtle and unobtrusive, producing a timeless tranquility. The shortening of the name is deliberate, concise, and easy to read and remember. Finally, their tagline, “Brewing Joy since 1889”, pays homage to Sakari’s long tradition of bringing joy to customers through sake.

The redesigned labels are an ode to Japanese minimalism with touches of the contemporary, as seen in the asymmetrical curved lines with traditional Japanese patterns, subtle and modern. The names of the sake have also been simplified to just numbers, making them easier to remember.

Sakari, in the pursuit for greater customer satisfaction, will also be pushing forth the 3 distinct qualities its sake originally have, namely, that the sake is preservative free, gluten free, and vegetarian. Sakari has also made the effort to get certification as a commitment to uphold the highest standards of sake brewing and increase customer confidence.

Sakari will carry five products: Junmai, Daiginjo, Junmai Ginjo, Junmai Daiginjo and Yuzu, with more styles lined up in future. All five styles will be available in Singapore by end March and distributed exclusively by Inter Rice Asia.

As part of the celebrations, Inter Rice Asia will be dedicating their 22nd On-Nomi to Sakari on 10th March 8pm. Up to 50 tasting sets will be available for the public to buy and participate in the online tasting session. Of the five Sakes, three are new globally, making them first to taste them. They can be purchased online here

Purchase tasting sets for the online tasting event on 10th March here. Find out more on their website and Instagram handles

Tipple Time: Mikkeller Bar re-opens in Singapore, this time at Chinatown Complex Food Centre

After vacating their original premises at DECK on Prinsep Street, and their later taproom at Purvis Street, Danish craft beer brewery Mikkeller is back on our shores, this time taking over a hawker stall at Chinatown Complex Food Centre, formerly occupied by Smith Street Taps and Friends, an extension of Smith Street Taps that continues to operate a couple stalls down.

Mikkeller’s new joint was officially launched on 2nd March by industry veterans Kuok Meng Chao and Daniel Goh, who worked closely with the Copenhagen team to launch this ‘World’s Smallest Mikkeller Bar’, with 10 beers on tap alongside a curated selection of packaged beers from Mikkeller, international and local breweries. It is also the first to be set within a UNESCO
Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Kuok Meng Chao and bar manager Sylvester Fedor

“Smith Street Taps remains a place for people to discover and enjoy well-crafted beers. We’re excited to be working with Mikkeller, a brewery known for its experimental and novel brews, with the added bonus of Chinatown’s famed hawker fare,” says Kuok. Mikkeller Bar Singapore General Manager Sylvester Fedor (previously Group Manager of Mikkeller Bangkok) adds, “We hope customers will love the concept, and encourage our search for another space to grow the Mikkeller brand locally.”

The choice to open within Chinatown Complex Food Centre was in part due to the location’s history, alongside the diversity of food available to patrons, allowing them to pair hawker classics, with Mikkeller’s world-class brews. “I am excited for Mikkeller to open up at this unique location in Singapore and to work with our new great partner to bring our beers to locals. Hawker stalls and street food is a part of Asian culture that I really love. This is a fun and novel environment for us, and will be a good addition to our other locations in South East Asia,” says Mikkel Bjergsø, Mikkeller’s Founder and Chief Creative Officer.

International Mikkeller bars embrace the host country’s motifs in detail, with Mikkeller Bar Singapore being no different. Mikkeller Bar Singapore’s logo sees the brewery’s mascot, Henry, in a Merlion costume – the mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish is a national symbol of the city state. Across Asia, Mikkeller operates bars in Bangkok, Tokyo and Seoul and will soon open a second location in Shanghai.

For this Singapore outlet, the six sqm (65 sq ft) stall draws on Scandinavian aesthetics and playfully works around the spatial and aesthetical restrictions of a hawker centre. YeoGray Design Studio pairs green square-tiled walls and flooring with light wood and clean lines. Both the signboard and chalkboard menu display pay homage to the signature Mikkeller style adopted by Mikkeller bars around the world.

Highlights of the opening tap list include Do Stuff Together (4.9% ABV), a hazy New England pale ale brimming with tropical and citrus fruits, and the quaffable Japanese Rice Lager (5% ABV) with its citrus, hay and jasmine-like notes.

The Space Race Gluten Free Hazy IPA (6.7% ABV) comes jam packed with hops for a hazy glow and a ripe, tropical fruit basket of flavours that will please both the gluten-tolerant and -intolerant alike. Dark beer lovers can look forward to the Kaffestout (6% ABV) for its deep roasted coffee notes matched with a velvety mouthfeel.

With 10 rotating taps and a well-stocked list of packaged beers, Mikkeller Bar Singapore will
see more specials from Mikkkeller’s breweries in Denmark to San Diego, as well as breweries that are friends with the brand. Highlights in the coming weeks include the imperial oatmeal stout Beer Geek Fudgesicle (12% ABV) brewed with cocoa, vanilla and butterscotch, the Spontan series of spontaneously fermented sour ales aged in oak barrels (from one to three years), and highly sought-after brews from Vermont’s Hill Farmstead Brewery.

With the launch of Mikkeller in Singapore, the local chapter of Mikkeller Running Club (MRC) continues their tradition on the first Saturday of the month. Established in 2014 with the philosophy that enjoying great beer and doing a bit of physical activity can help members find balance in life, it boasts various routes, pace and distances suitable for all types of runners. Participants are also rewarded with a complimentary beer at Mikkeller upon completing the run.

Mikkeller Bar Singapore is located at #02-058 (Green Zone), Chinatown Complex, 335
Smith Street, Singapore 050335. They are open Tuesday-Friday, 5.30pm to 10.00pm and on
Saturday, 2.30pm to 10.00pm.
More information available on their Facebook or Instagram, where updates on the taplist, special events and more will be published.

Tipple Time: Brewerkz launches sophisticated One Fullerton outlet with brand new menu items

With an emphasis on serving up an “elevated” craft beer dining experience, Brewerkz has launched its brand new outlet at One Fullerton with an upgraded menu, a sophisticated alfresco vibe, and beautiful waterfront views. One year after the relaunch of its flagship Riverside Point outlet, the team behind the iconic homegrown brand once again introduces a new dining concept, raising the bar with a sophisticated interior, paired with a refined selection of dishes inspired by recreating old favourites.

As one of the 48 brands under Made with Passion – a government-led initiative celebrating local lifestyle brands embodying the Singapore spirit of turning possibilities into reality, Brewerkz’s new outlet represents the 23-year old’s brand attitude of thriving even during adversity.

Interior and exterior of Brewerkz One Fullerton

Brewerkz One Fullerton is embellished with splashes of copper, highlighted on the outlet’s feature wall – a homage to the brand’s flagship outlet’s handcrafted copper bar. The restaurant’s impressive bar houses no less than 22 craft beer taps and is illuminated by a combination of vintage lamps and stylish modern lights. Full-height folding French doors run along the entire facade to create a seamless alfresco concept featuring indoor and outdoor seating. Situated overlooking Marina Bay in the vibrant Fullerton Heritage precinct, the craft brewery’s new restaurant is well placed amongst some of Singapore’s most exciting lifestyle and entertainment establishments. The intimate yet airy setting with its fantastic views promises a refreshing new dining experience for couples, friends, families, and craft beer fans alike. The design is led by award-winning firm WEIJENBERG, who previously worked on the brand’s flagship Brewerkz Riverside Point outlet.

From left: Shogun Burger and Black Diamond Truffle

The kitchen at Brewerkz One Fullerton turns up the heat with its “elevated” menu. A third of the menu will feature new items, some of which are creative renditions of old favourites. The classic beef burger has undergone an uplift and is now the outlet-exclusive Shogun Burger, made with an indulgent Japanese OHMI A5 Wagyu blend of beef chuck, short ribs and top sirloin. The classic pub grub dish, fish and chips, has also been transformed into a healthier and umamipacked Whole Roasted Wild Dover Sole with succulent white flesh and delicate flavour. There’s also the decadent Black Diamond Truffle, an earthy truffle-flavoured ice cream accompanied by a symphony of Valrhona chocolate and white chocolate Chantilly cream infused with Earl Grey and lavender.

From left: 3 Cheese Truffle Foccoccina and Burratina Gazpacho

As part of Brewerkz’s goal to incorporate more sustainable practices in its processes, new menu items such as the 3 Cheese Truffle Foccoccina is baked with spentgains, a by-product of beer production, while the Burratina Gazpacho is made with a blend of “ugly” vegetables puree. Brewerkz One Fullerton will carry the full range of Brewerkz craft beers on tap and in cans, including the newly launched Sentosa Islander Brew – four destination-inspired brews drawing inspiration from Sentosa’s edible plants: cacao, lime, jasmine and nutmeg.

“The team at Brewerkz is constantly finding ways to deliver quality experiences in life’s greatest pleasures: eating and drinking. Brewerkz One Fullerton is testament to this dedication – it is a place where handcrafted beers, gastronomic offerings, and a laid-back ambience come together, elegantly creating an inviting space for everyone,” says Tan Wee Han, CEO of Brewerkz.

Brewerkz One Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road

#01-01 One Fullerton
Singapore 049213
Open daily from 12pm to 10.30pm
For reservations, call 6592 5224, or visit their website here