Food For Now: Limited-time N.Y. Steakhouse menu available at all Singapore Shake Shacks

To pay tribute to Shake Shack’s home state of New York and its famous old-school steakhouses, Shake Shack Singapore will debut the N.Y. Steakhouse Burger and N.Y. Steakhouse Fries, available from 1 September till 31 October.

The N.Y. Steakhouse Burger is inspired by time-honored ingredients and features a white cheddar cheeseburger topped with sauteed portobello mushrooms, crispy onions, and topped with a layer of horseradish peppercorn mayo that brings an aromatic, spicy edge to the dish. The cheeseburger delivers a savory experience with earthiness from the mushrooms and serves all the rich, classic steakhouse flavors in one bite.

To top it off, the N.Y. Steakhouse Fries showcase horseradish peppercorn mayo, bacon, and fresh scallions. Complete the meal with your choice of Shack wine — a crisp Shack White Sauvignon Blanc or earthy Shack Red Pinot Noir — or a pint of ShackMeister Ale, created exclusively for Shake Shack by New York’s Brooklyn Brewery.

Celebrate the limited-time N.Y. Steakhouse menu with a jazz night at Shake Shack 89 Neil Road on 1 September (7-9 pm) with wine and beer pairings.

N.Y. Steakhouse Burger and N.Y. Steakhouse Fries available at all Shake Shack outlets islandwide. More information available here

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