Food For Now: Isetan Singapore announces the inaugural Meitenkai Fair this May, featuring well-known brands from Japan

Shochikubai Osuimono Dashi Pack

From 13th to 26th May, Isetan Singapore will be holding its first Meitenkai Fair (銘店会フェア)  at the Isetan Scotts Supermarket. The event, featuring over 65 items across 9 Meiten brands, is organised by Isetan Singapore to commemorate and celebrate these highly trusted names from Japan. 

Meiten” (銘店) is a Japanese term that literally means “famous shop” but specifically refers to trade entities that are well-reputed among the community and has survived a number of years earning a great level of customer’s trust and respect. These shops not only have a long history but also contribute to the succession and development of food culture in Japan. To the Japanese, these are iconic brands that build strong relationships with the communities and preserve tradition. When one mentions these brands, one can never go wrong with their product quality and service.

The following products and brands will be making their exclusive debut at Isetan Singapore: Shochikubai Osuimono Dashi Pack by Hayashi Kyuemon (林久右衛門) – baked in the shape of a beautiful sea bream, this is a convenient instant soup stock ingredient for busy people  (3pcs / $16.70). Their dashi packs and instant soup are made from high quality bonito – all you need to do is add hot water to enjoy. 

Kuromame Daifuku by Eitaro Sohonpo

Kuromame Daifuku by Eitaro Sohonpo (榮太樓總本舗) – Japanese rice cake confectionery filed with sweetened red beans and kuromame (black beans) (1 pcs/ $4.50) Eitaro Sohonpo has almost 200 years of history, adhering to their time-tested methods and principles to produce quality confectionaries like fresh mochi, candies and rice crackers.

Matcha Baum Cake by Tsujiri

Matcha Baum Cake by Tsujiri (辻利) – Flavourful Uji-Matcha Baumkuchen cake made using the traditional German technique that forms rings resembling the growth rings of trees. (1 box / $37.90). Tsujiri was established in Uji, Kyoto in 1860 by founder Tsuji Riemon. Since then they have been a leading company of Green tea and Matcha. Tsujiri brings to you various matcha products like the  Matcha Baum Cake, a cake made using the traditional German method resulting in rings that resemble the growth rings of a tree.

The Vegan Curry – Bean Curry

“The Vegan Curry” is a rich and spicy vegetable curry with a good balance between the spiciness of spices and the taste of vegetables – a convenient way to cooking Japanese curry for your macrobiotic diet. (1 pack/$8.70).

Sawara Saikyou-Yaki (Grilled Marinated Spanish Mackerel by Aji no Hamato

Sawara Saikyou-Yaki (Grilled Marinated Spanish Mackerel by Aji no Hamato (味の浜藤) – Sawara Saikyo-Yaki is a fatty Spanish mackerel marinated and aged in white miso. One can easily enjoy the taste of freshly baked Saikyo-yaki just by warming it up in the microwave or in hot water. (1 pc/$8.40)

Tsukudani Furikake Scallops by Shinbashi Tamakiya

Tsukudani Furikake Scallops by Shinbashi Tamakiya (新橋玉木屋) – Shinbashi Tamakiya opened in Tokyo in 1782 and has remained in the same location since. For over 200 years, their Tsukuda-ni (small marinated or flavoured seafood, meat or seaweed that acts as an accompaniment to plain rice) has been prepared traditionally with the freshest ingredients from both land and sea to create a full and rich flavour. (2 packs / $5.70)

Mentaiko Ageokaki by Osamado Honten

Mentaiko Ageokaki by Osamado Honten (王様堂本店), all natural, crunchy Mentaiko flavoured rice crackers made with no chemical seasonings. (1 pack / $6.30) Osama Seika has been making its delicious rice crackers since 1924. The company is dedicated to making Okaki (rice crackers), the traditional way with no chemical seasonings. The company has made efforts to pursue the original taste of okaki without relying on the taste of chemical seasonings by using the dashi stock of natural ingredients while keeping the high-quality ingredients such as glutinous rice, soy sauce, sugar, and vegetable oil.

Asakusa Maki by Osama Seika

Japan has many businesses that are considered Meiten shops and many operate in traditional sectors like sweets & confectionery, crafts & arts, hospitality and sake brewing to name a few. Many of the more traditional Meiten brands seldom expand overseas as preserving tradition is equally important. Isetan Singapore saw an opportunity here and has specifically selected a few brands to launch the Isetan Meitenkai Fair in Singapore and introduce more of Japan’s treasures to Singaporeans. In Japan, purchasing something from a Meiten shop implies a certain sense of prestige, suggesting the apex of taste.  By organising the Isetan Meitenkai Fair, Isetan Singapore hopes to introduce and avail these iconic brands to Singaporeans and bring in richer and less conventional food items.

The Isetan Meitenkai Fair will take place at Isetan Scotts Supermarket from 13th to 26th May 2022. More information available here

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