Food For Now: Sear the World with boCHINche, a new Bi-Monthly Exclusive Dinner Series

boCHINche, Singapore’s foremost Argentinian steakhouse, is grilling a series of five bi-monthly exclusive dinners that celebrates artisanal beef from the featured country, throughout the year. The first of the series begins 20 and 21 April 2022 with a culinary trip to Japan.

While Argentinian beef remains the heart and soul of boCHINche, the three-course dinner ($160) will champion Japanese ingredients such as Yellowtail, Yuzu, and of course, grain-fed Satsuma Gyu A4 Sirloin from the Satsuma Valley in the Kagoshima Prefecture. The first course is a refreshing welcome to Japan, a Yellowtail Ceviche with Edamame and Yuzu. The main course is an A4 Japanese Wagyu Don, over a base of boCHINche’s signature Spanish risotto, or the Bomba Arros, a play on the best of Japan and Argentina. The dish is then finished with a truffle caviar and an Onsen egg. The meal then ends off with a Green Tea Lava Cake with Sakura ice cream for dessert. Guests will be treated to a specialty alcohol pairing ($60) of the finest Sakes to complement their meal.

After a trip to Japan, guests can look forward to the month of June for an in-depth flavour exploration of the land down under, Australia. Following that go on a culinary journey across the globe and make stops in Europe, America and ANZA through epicurean delights inspired by their cultures.

Each dinner brings together the robust flavours and cooking techniques of Argentina married with other international cuisines. Staying true to boCHINche’s steakhouse roots, each menu will showcase specially curated beef from small batch producers found around the world, while pairing it with ingredients from various regions around the world.

boCHINche looks forward to starting this dining series with Japan as the first stop in the world tour – a nation that prides itself with gorgeous cuisine which is simple yet exquisitely prepared. The goal for these bi-monthly dinner series is to create a sense of excitement amongst guests to visit these cities and for those who’ve been, to bring back fond memories of past international journeys.

boCHINche implements a unique blend of classic and modern cooking techniques, which makes them stand out against competitors in the steak house space. The restaurant embraces unexpected ingredients and flavour combinations that create mouth-watering dishes, leaving visitors satisfied and excited to come back for more.

More information about upcoming Sear the World with boCHINche sessions here

Where: 27 Club Street, Singapore 069413
When: Monday to Saturday: 12.00pm – 10.30pm (closed on Sundays)
Contact: +65 6235 4990 /

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