Going Green: Impossible Foods launches Earth Month campaign in Singapore to inspire convos about sustainability

This April, Impossible Foods is rolling out a series of #PlateToPlanet initiatives as part of their third Earth Month campaign in Singapore, designed to get Singaporeans talking about the connection between their food and the planet.

The #PlateToPlanet campaign will serve up answers to some of the biggest questions people have around climate change – from explaining the changes in our climate to debunking myths. With the goal of sparking conversations around the impact of our food choices on the planet, Impossible Foods hopes more Singaporeans will be inspired to turn back the clock on climate change by considering the environmental impact of the food on their plate.

The “Plate-To-Planet” content will be available across Impossible Foods’ social media platforms and displayed at restaurants Fatburger and Swensen’s. Impossible Foods has also teamed up with food delivery service Deliveroo and online grocery store RedMart to offer special promotions and exclusive merchandise during the month of April, including:

  • $2 off Impossible x Deliveroo menus: First 2,000 orders on Deliveroo can enjoy $2 off Impossible™ menus from FatBurger and Swensen’s. Fans can enjoy dishes like Swensen’s Rendang Impossible™ ($17.01), Garlic Aioli Impossible™ ($17.01) and Swensen’s Bagus Burger ($15.80), their delicious take on the famous Ramly Burger. For a great, classic burger, Fatburger is serving Impossible™ Fatburger ($15.90) – a juicy and tasty Impossible™ Beef Made From Plants patty topped with cheese, red onion, pickles, relish, mustard and mayonnaise, served on a toasted brioche bun with crisp lettuce and ripe tomato. Limited edition swag will also be given away with Deliveroo x Impossible orders, while stocks last.
  • $3 off Impossible™ Beef Made From Plants retail pack: The convenient, versatile 340g pack will retail at just $8.90 at major grocery stores NTUC Fairprice and RedMart from now till May 31, as well as at Cold Storage, Giant and Market Place stores and online via Cold Storage OnlineGiant Online from 1 to 30 April.
  • Limited Edition Impossible x RedMart Swag: First 1,000 orders on RedMart will receive anExclusive Earth Month merchandise.
  • New Impossible™ Menu by Trapizza: The casual Italian beachfront restaurant located a few minutes’ walk away from Shangri-La Rasa Sentosa is the latest restaurant to offer Impossible Beef on its menu, following the success of the Impossible™ Spicy Pizza Bolognese ($27++) offered as a limited-time special in 2021. This year, the team will not only reintroduce the Impossible Spicy Pizza Bolognese but also debut new hearty Italian dishes like Impossible™ Lasagna ($26++) with Impossible Beef, tomato sauce, parmesan cheese, bechamel and basil, and Impossible™ Burger with charcoal-grilled Impossible Beef patty layered with tomato, onion, lettuce and cheddar cheese, and served with potato wedges.

Laurent Stevenart, General Manager, Singapore & UAE, Impossible Foods, said, “Few people realise that what goes onto our plates is deeply tied to the health of our planet. Following the success of our first two Earth Month campaigns, we’re shifting gears this year to focus on showing Singaporeans why they should eat plant-based – and not just because it’s delicious or has the same meaty flavour that they love. Our goal is to get more people to start having these important conversations about how our food choices impact our planet, and the small steps they can take to preserve nature.”

Delicious for you and great for our planet! 

Animal agriculture uses more of the earth’s resources than any other industry on the planet and is one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gasses. In fact, a whopping 45% of Earth’s land surface is used for grazing livestock, raising livestock, or growing crops to feed them. 

By eating meat made from plants instead of meat made from animals, consumers can drastically cut down their personal carbon footprint, save water and help ensure that our planet is here for future generations. A 113 g serving of Impossible Beef Made From Plants uses 96% less land, 87% less water and 89% less greenhouse gasses compared to ground beef from a cow. This translates into 7 square meters of land, 3 kg of CO2 equivalents and 84 litres of water.

In 2021, Singaporeans set a new Earth Month record by choosing Impossible Beef over ground beef from cows. Collectively, the nation saved an equivalent of over 708,863 square meters of land, more than 303,798 kg of CO2 and over 8,506,360 litres of water. This is comparable to:

  • The estimated land area of 99 soccer fields or twice the size of Singapore Sports Hub
  • The greenhouse gas emissions of more than 1,380,900 km driven in a medium-sized car
  • More than 3 Olympic size pools or the water footprint of 28,166 baths in a standard bathtub

For more information, visit their website here For more details on Impossible Food’s Earth Month campaign, visit here 

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