Food For Now: bamboo bowls opens first contactless store in Singapore

bamboo bowls solidifies its position as Singapore’s go-to for fast, sustainable, healthful Asian bowls created by renowned and celebrated chefs. In-store tech offers a seamless, contact-free experience with the freshest bowls. bamboo bowls’ mission is to create fast Asian food that’s better for you. Their bowls are over 50% organic, 100% sugar-free, 100% unprocessed, unrefined and based on a whole-food plant-based framework with ethically sourced meat options and low-carb alternatives. The restaurant’s revolution focuses on healthy food and sustainability without impacting affordability, flavour and efficiency. The eight Asian Bowls from Bangkok, Saigon, Tokyo, Sichuan, Bombay, Bali, Seoul, and Singapore were created by eight renowned culinary experts — Chefs Justin Hammond, Bjorn Shen, Jay Morjaria, Jowett Yu, Mano Thevar, Nic Philip, Keith Wan and Eugene Chan.

Chef Justin Hammond, Culinary Director of bamboo bowls and former Head Chef of Neon Pigeon, created the Bangkok bamboo bowl — a Thai street food legend which includes organic red coconut rice curry with butternut pumpkin, cashews and spiced mushrooms. For an extra punch of protein, guests can add in organic and antibiotic-free Lemongrass Chicken. Chef Bjorn Shen, chef and owner of Artichoke restaurant and MasterChef Singapore Judge, introduced the Saigon bamboo bowls – an authentic Vietnamese bun (rice noodles) with Bjorn’s mix of punchy fresh herbs, lemongrass tofu, bamboo bowl’s nuoc cham and pickled vegetables.

As an extra protein add on, guests can opt for roasted pork belly. Eating well can be affordable, uber tasty and accessible with the menu’s foundation of plant-based vegan bowls starting at just ten dollars. As health and sustainability are of top priority, all ingredients contain zero use of sugars, refined or processed ingredients and produce must also be sustainably farmed with a transparent supply chain. Tristan Lo, CEO of bamboo bowls, says, “Our love for Asian food is so great that we started a business dedicated to meeting the demands of the modern lifestyle coupled with the importance of eating well, supporting our planet, whilst honouring much-loved Asian cuisine. After countless hours of R&D, we finally figured out how to make the food we love future-proof and delicious.”

bamboo bowls uses custom-built technology to deliver their vision – the entire customer journey begins with orders being placed through their mobile app. Next, chefs get to work by preparing fresh and healthy bowls from scratch in minutes. The bowls are then placed in a dedicated collection pod, with a notification sent to the customer’s device when ready. Finally, at the end of the meal, compostable bins are installed in-store for the sustainable disposal of empty bowls.

Sonya Sukha, Co-founder of bamboo bowls, says, “When you think about the world we are creating for our children, sustainability becomes an important play. We don’t want our kids to pay the price for our choices – that’s why being eco-conscious will always be an important factor in our company.” One Free bamboo bowl for first time download* To celebrate its officially launch, the bamboo bowls team will treat everyone who downloads the app to one free bowl – valid till the end of April, 2022.

bamboo bowls
Where: Far East Square, 137 Amoy St, #01-03, Singapore 049965
When: 11:30AM to 3:00PM
Website :
Instagram :

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