Food For Now: Jiak Song Mee Hoon Kway Launches New Kurobuta Mee Hoon Kway

Kurobuta pork, while ubiquitous in restaurants around Singapore, is still an uncommon sight in the hawker setting. Adding a touch of indulgence to the humble Mee Hoon Kway, Jiak Song Mee Hoon Kway is launching a limited edition Kurobuta Mee Hoon Kway ($5.80). This is available in all Jiak Song stalls from 10 March 2022 onwards with limited portions throughout the day.

Kurobuta pork is known for its sweet buttery flavour, thanks to the ribbons of fat marbling through the meat. The meat is more tender, juicy, and moist, and is a match in heaven for Jiak Song’s texturous Mee Hoon Kway and complex flavourful broth. With this new addition, Jiak Song’s delicious Mee Hoon Kway is further elevated to a whole new level.

The brainchild of Aaron Wong, chef owner and MasterChef Singapore finalist, the Kurobuta Mee Hoon Kway took days and numerous trial and error to perfect. Aaron says, “This dish is something I have been experimenting with for a while and it is very satisfying to see it come to life. My whole ethos is to provide everyday food to the masses and I like to think of how this dish brings a delectable cut of meat, commonly found in restaurants, to the heartlands. It fits in nicely with the other dishes on our menu while still providing a touch of value-for-money indulgence.”

In addition to the Kurobuta Mee Hoon Kway, you can also look forward to the:
– Mee Hoon Kway with Minced Pork and Pork Slices ($4.50), a classic bowl that really hits the spot – Mee Hoon Kway with Minced Pork, Pork Slices and Pork Ball ($5.00), a heartier, heart-warming meal, with generously sized handmade pork balls.
– Signature All-in Combo Mee Hoon Kway with Minced Pork, Pork Slices, Pork Ball, and Shrimp Ball ($5.50), the ultimate bowl which gives only the best stuff, including the smooth yet QQ handmade shrimp balls.

All bowls are served with soup or dry with the soup on the side. The soup is thicker than typical bowls and has a hint of smoke, which can be tasted upon the very first sip. This was purposefully done, mimicking Japanese ramen techniques, ensuring the soup is flavourful, creamy, and full of umami. Each bowl is a symphony with Aaron, the masterful conductor behind it all. Each component from the mee, which is uneven on purpose, harkening back to Mee Hoon Kway’s origins as a fast and hearty dish for coolies; to the meatballs, sliced meats, and prawn balls which are silky to the tongue but packed with flavours.

Jiak Song Mee Hoon Kway
Where: Various Outlets, see Facebook for more information
When: Monday to Sunday, 11am to 9pm
Instagram: @jiak_song
Facebook: Jiak Song
Available on FoodPanda and GrabFood.

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