Lifestyle: Kuhlmann International Experience Centre opens at Kallang Place

Kuhlmann Experience Centre

The new Kuhlmann Experience Centre, a 3,000 sq ft showroom specializing in total home solutions, encompassing kitchens, wardrobes, storage systems, loose furnishings and architectural interior finishes, is now open. This follows the launch of the Kuhlmann International office in Singapore earlier in 2021.

Incorporating its strong German manufacturing technology and elegant Italian artistry, the Experience Centre offers more than a glimpse into the brand’s definitive European legacy. Designed by Creative Director Simon Chiang, the Experience Centre represents the interior of a home compartmentalized into a kitchen, living, dining and wardrobe areas. Fitted with the latest furnishings and accessories, all customized, the Centre is a perfect example of the bespoke modular construction model by the brand’s ethos.

Kuhlmann Experience Centre – Wardrobe Island

The material palette of the showroom is in a timeless combination of black glass, clean architectural lines with a visually fully open concept. Working on a limited area, walls were removed and large panes of glass were used to divide the spaces. Black mirror lines the breadth of the showroom to create an illusion of double the area of the main hall. The ceiling lines of repeated suspended wood panelled ceilings create the illusion length of the main showroom. The entire showroom is visible from the main door while the various zones are clearly demarcated into living lounge, bar, walk-in wardrobe, kitchen as well as dining area.

The concept is to imagine the Experience Centre as a luxuriously appointed home/penthouse. The interiors adopted a sleep, defined and muscular look to allow the inherent quality of the materials and finish of the Kuhlmann kitchens and furniture to be expressed visually to clients. Lighting plays a key role in illuminating the various zones of the Centre, in a 3000K render of a sharp warm glow on the surfaces and textures. Soft lighting, decorative pendant lights and a softly illuminated green wall at the rear of the showroom help to create visual interest.

Kuhlmann Experience Centre – Kitchen

The brand’s success is firmly built on the foundation pillars of quality, efficiency and design. Years of research and development have resulted in a strict formulated standard that applies to all products to ensure quality and durability for long-term use. Materials are carefully chosen to complement and withstand design and weather conditions of the customer’s location.

The Kuhlmann Experience Centre is located at 16 Kallang Pl, Singapore 339156. Find out more here

To visit, in line with government mandated safe distancing measures, appointments are required in advance via or call 69709906.

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