Tipple Time: 8 by Bottles & Bottles Unveils Second Outlet at Great World City

Homegrown wine and spirits retailer Bottles & Bottles presents its second drink-in concept, 8 by Bottles & Bottles at Great World City (8 at GWC). Having opened on 1st February 2022, 8 at GWC will continue the brand’s vision to provide a communal and inviting approach to fine beverages. The bar features a rotating selection of wines, spirits and sake at bottle shop prices, with the freedom to order in from other F&B establishments at no additional cost.

“8 by Bottles & Bottles continues to provide everyone the opportunity to explore different wines, spirits and sake, this time conveniently in Great World City. With a range of accessible to premium beverages, and the same bring-your-own-food policy, we’re excited to see the new pairings and experiences that’ll be shaped around this new location,” says Koh Chin Liang, owner of Bottles & Bottles.

Housed in the centre of Great World City, 8 at GWC presents an open concept with seats lining the periphery for an unrivalled view of the bright, bustling lifestyle destination. Dressed in dark wood furnishings and shelves, its geometric “8” logo is featured as the space’s main light fixture. Along with rounded details of table counters and the double-sided entrance that allows guests to flow in and out with ease, 8 at GWC is welcoming with a sense of relaxed conviviality.

Curated personally by Chin Liang, guests can expect New World to Old World, and familiar to lesser known varietals, and his personal favourites on the menu. Expect exclusives, old favourites as well as new labels that have joined the Bottles & Bottles repertoire. Key highlights include celebratory bubblies in the form of Champagne Lombard from Épernay, the family-run Domaine Maurice Schoech doling out Alsatian Grappe varieties and terrior-driven wines featuring Grand Cru regions, from Kaefferkopf to Rangen de Thann, and the historic Chateau de Sérame that is nestled between the Aude river and Canal du Midi, among many others.

Staying true to offering a wide range of tipples, a selection of sake will entice aficionados at 8 at GWC. The highly-acclaimed brews from Dassai will line its shelves, including the tasting set. Featuring a trio of its classics (Dassai 23, 39 and 45), it showcases Yamada-Nishiki rice grains at different polishing rates. Suigei (translates to drunken whale) from Kochi City joins the selection, and continues to delight with its dry sake, rich in umami and acidity. Crowd-favourites, such as the award-winning Keigetsu CEL24 Junmai Daiginjo, which uses Kochi Prefecture exclusive yeast CEL24, and best selling Born Junmai Daiginjyo Gold (2016 US National Sake Appraisal Gold Prize winner), will also join the menu.

Accompanying the beverages is a wide variety of dining options via a no cost bring-your-own-food option. This opens up access to dining options within Great World City and beyond. Patrons can explore, dine on and pair 8 at GWC’s many beverage options from one lifestyle destination through delivery platforms, or nearby locales. An official F&B partner for 8 at GWC is Japanese charcoal grill restaurant Tajimaya. Conveniently available for order via a QR code and delivered straight to your seats, patrons can dig into small plates ideal for pairings. The menu includes Wagyu Beef Finger Ribs Kimchi Yaki ($15.90), Seafood Tartare with Onsen Egg ($14.90) and two indulgent makis, Unagi Cheese and Rainbow ($16.90) loaded with ingredients.

There are no hospitality charges on products purchased and opened at 8 by Bottles & Bottles at Great World City. As part of the hospitality, service of glassware, buckets and ice are available without charge. Mixers are also available, charged by consumption.

8 by Bottles & Bottles GWC is located at 1 Kim Seng Promenade, #01, K101 Great World, 237994. More information on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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