Food For Now: Revolver’s new menu takes you on a culinary adventure across India

From left: Japanese Eggplant, Black Garlic Yoghurt; Snapper, Parsi ‘Patra’ and Rock Lobster Manchurian

Revolver, the bold fiery grill on Tras Street, has unveiled its third menu, this time taking diners on a culinary adventure across India — from the big cities of Delhi and Mumbai to remote areas including a tiny village outside Kolkata. Executive Chef & Partner Saurabh Udinia’s all-new innovative grill menu continues to bring world-class seasonal produce with intriguing and sometimes lesser well known spiced recipes inspired by the vibrant regions of India. Signature dishes remain and take on new flavour profiles, with all menus continuing to use Revolver’s infamous grills and fire to cook and char each course carefully.

The 8-course Experience menu (SGD199++) starts with Revolver’s eye-catching, signature Courgette Flowers, Prawn Balchao. Inspired from the charming region of Goa, a former Portuguese colony, the courgette flowers are filled with a mild tangy prawn balchao, a gentler version of the fiery chilli and malt vinegar concoction. Grilled over woodfire, the courgette flower stems are then brushed with a tangy Vindaloo curry reduction. The well-loved Rock Lobster takes on a new iteration as inspiration is taken from Tangra, a small region in Eastern Kolkata where Hakka emigrants created their own version of Indian-Chinese ‘Manchurian’ cuisine. Rock Lobster Manchurian, Fried Egg Rice involves taking a juicy, freshly flown in Australian Lobster, carefully grilling and then topping it with a zingy pan-fried Manchurian masala gravy made of red chilli paste, garlic, ginger, green chillies, fresh coriander, soy sauce and onions. Moving to the west coast of India, the Red Snapper Parsi ‘Patra’ is marinated with coriander, coconut and lemongrass chutney. Wrapped in banana leaf and grilled over woodfire, the dish replicates the iconic Patra ni Machi, influenced by the Parsi Community. The Experience menu also features the earthy Black Truffle & Morel Kulchette and a tender Short Rib ‘Galbi’ slow fire-grilled with a Nihari Reduction. ‘Nihari’ is a very slow cooked, rich and spicy meat stew brought to India by the Mughals and perfected in Old Delhi. The journey through India’s most culinary renowned areas ends with a sweet note – Peanut Brittle, Coconut & Lemongrass, a sweet and refreshing dessert featuring jaggery and roasted peanuts.

A lighter version, the 6-course Discovery menu (SGD139++) also takes guests through culinary delights of India with the Red Snapper Parsi ‘Patra’, Courgette Flowers, Prawn Balchao and the Chicken in Black Garlic Yoghurt. The chicken thigh is marinated for 6-hours with traditional Bhatti masala — a carefully balanced concoction made with cooking yoghurt, powdered spices and pomegranate seeds in mustard oil — then smoked in tandoor and served with black garlic and cumin yoghurt. Not forgetting Revolver’s trademark Parmesan Kulchettes, the Discovery version is served with Lamb Kofta, made with a subtle blend of spices, smashed and tossed in onion masala.

The 8-course Vegetarian menu (SGD149++) elevates produce and spices to new levels with phenomenal dishes such as the Japanese Eggplant, Black Garlic Yoghurt. Cooked in a tamarind chutney, the eggplants are charred on an amber flame and smoked to perfection. The tangy, savoury black garlic cumin yoghurt perfectly balances the charred flavours with its creamy texture. Potatoes Chilli Cheese is made by roasting marinated Ratte potatoes in the tandoor with bell peppers and served with a buttery chilli cheese sauce made using Amul cheese.

The 5-course Lunch menu (SGD 99++) highlights charred, spiced and citrusy flavours including the Japanese Eggplant with Black Garlic Cumin Yoghurt, Fresh Paneer with Fennel Pickle, and Parmesan Kulchette with Prawn Balchao. For diners wanting to experience some of Chef Saurabh’s signatures, add-ons such as the Fresh Half Rock Lobster Manchurian (SGD99++) or Chicken Scotch Egg with Caviar (SGD25++) are also available.

Well sought after, one of a kind and natural wines are also available by the glass and bottle. The Experience Pairing (SGD168++) presents a curated selection of chilled cocktails, wine, and sake. All new menus are available till 28th February 2022.

Where: 56 Tras St, Singapore 078995
When: Tuesday to Sunday: 12-2:30pm (Last Order: 2:15pm), 6pm-12am (Last Order: 9:45pm). Closed on Mondays.

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