Tech X Travel: Changi Recommends Remains Our Choice For Overseas Portable WiFi

Changi Airport hasn’t won World’s Best Airport eight times for nothing. And besides the impeccably clean venue, the easy-to-navigate layout, and all the comforts it offers, perhaps the most underrated feature is the airport’s Changi Recommends service. 

We know, it’s probably been ages since you last stepped into an airport, with the ongoing pandemic restricting global travel. And guess what – even the idea of stepping into an airport fills us with a little trepidation, as the worst case scenarios pop into our head, after weeks of planning to go for a holiday via VTL flight. What if there’s a problem with the flight? What if the country we’re travelling to suddenly imposes new restrictions? Argh!

That’s why every little thing that we can lock down and confirm brings that much more comfort to our hearts. And on our recent trip, Changi Recommends provided just the comfort we needed to still our hearts and stride confidently onboard our flight to Melbourne, Australia.

These days, there’s a need to always stay connected online, we love bringing a portable WiFi router on our travels, with Changi WiFi being our go-to, always offering up an affordable and reliable option. Several days prior to our flight, we made a quick and easy online reservation for a WiFi router on the Changi Recommends website as usual, and on the day of our flight, headed down to collect it. 

Thanks to all the hustle and bustle of checking in, getting the mandatory checks in place, and attempting to get to the transit area as quickly as possible though, to our horror we realised that by the time we’d done all that, we’d completely forgotten about collecting the router! 

But it was the warm blue glow of the Changi Recommends logo inside that kept our hopes up, and we realised that not all was lost. Approaching the staff at the counter and explaining our predicament, she nodded, and swiftly proceeded to assist in grabbing our router. 

Even with the dearth of travellers, the service standards of Changi Recommends staff remains excellent, as they continue to serve customers to the best of their ability. And even though we couldn’t see their mouths behind the masks, their eyes told us everything – service with a smile. 

The router went strong throughout the trip, and with its coverage, we were able to update Instagram and keep in touch with family back home despite being so far apart. Easy to use and lightweight, it was a constant companion, whether we were touring the Yara Valley, cruising down the Great Ocean Road, or simply downing a pint at a local craft beer brewery.

And when we got back, returning the router was a cinch, just as easy as collecting it, completely hassle-free. If anything, Changi Recommends has ensured that despite all the uncertainties, they’re a brand and service that can be counted on through it all to reduce the anxieties surrounding overseas travel. And for that reason, we’re happy to remain loyal to the brand, and will definitely be including a Changi WiFi router the next time we travel, wherever that may be. 

Check out the full suite of services on Changi Recommends’ website

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