Tipple Time: Brewerkz and Udders Ice Cream join forces for ‘Hoppiness’ handcrafted beer ice cream

Brewerkz and Udders, two of Singapore’s pioneer Made With Passion brands, have joined forces to create two new beer ice cream flavors for the festive season – Dark Chocolate Double IPA and Mango Passionfruit New England IPA sorbet.

Inspired by Brewerkz’s newly launched, 4AM Double IPA and Circuit Breaker New England IPA, both award-winning brews, the brands have come together for the first time under the Made with Passion initiative to create these deliciously boozy ice cream flavours that hit the spot. The two flavours are the result of months of R&D by Udders and were selected for their excellent pairing with the two IPA-style beers.

Both beers have a distinct hoppiness, which gives out a wide range of flavours and aromas, from fruity to piney to earthy to floral. The hoppiness comes from hops, which are plant-based ingredients added into beer to give it that balance between sweet and bitterness. The Dark Chocolate Double IPA is a smooth and rich chocolatey booze ice cream created with 4AM Double IPA and dark Belgium chocolates. The Mango Passionfruit New England IPA sorbet is made with top-quality Alphonso mangoes and passion fruit, together with Circuit Breaker New England IPA, giving you sweet and citrusy notes that pair perfectly with a bitter malt aftertaste.

“Both Udders and Brewerkz are locally-produced and proudly Singaporean-owned. Beer and ice cream are also both happy foods! We are “doubling the happiness” by partnering with Brewerkz to launch deliciously boozy craft beer ice cream” says Wong Peck Lin, Co-founder of Udders.

“We’ve always loved Udders Ice Cream not just for its flavors but its cheeky branding. We believe in the power of joining forces and we cannot be more proud to collaborate with a fellow Made with Passion brand.” says Tan Wee Tuck, Co-owner of Brewerkz.

They are available in scoops (from $5.40 to $6.50), pints ($17.40) or in an exclusive Beer & Ice Cream Bundle ($63, one pint of ice cream each and 2 sets of 4AM Double IPA and Circuit Breaker New England IPA canned beer each) at Brewerkz online store. Both ice creams are also available at Udders online store at $5.80 per scoop and $17.40 per pint.

The ice creams are available at all Udders outlets (except Jurong East and Beach Road), all 4 Brewerkz outlets as well as at Brewerkz and Café Iguana booths at this year’s Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay, which runs from 3rd December 2021 to 2nd January 2022.

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