Food For Now: Timbre+ Eastside opens at Expo

Timbre+ Eastside, the second Timbre+ in Singapore, will officially open its doors on 27th November 2021! Sprawled across 2000sqm, Timbre+ Eastside is Singapore’s first sustainable food park. Home to 21+1 (Bottle Shop) food and retail stores, first of its kind Kerbside drive-thru pick-up, and placemaking community facilities such as a playground, cycling pitstop, book swop corner, the space also features live music and entertainment.

Danny Loong, CEO and Co-Founder of Timbre Group, says, “Buoyed by our success at Timbre+ one-north, Timbre+ Eastside has been many years in the making. Timbre+ Eastside is our placemaking locale in the East, where we serve the greater Eastside community—offering them a unique location where they can enjoy good food, drinks, and music. It is also a space to revisit to keep your family entertained and be part of an exciting community.

He adds, “Being Singapore’s first sustainable food park was also very important to us as every single one of us can make a difference in the world, and if we, as a business, can create a positive impact, we should.” Guests are encouraged to come by Timbre+ Eastside’s official opening on 27 November themed “Rollin’ Feast Times”, where they will enjoy convoys of Vintage Cars & Bicycles and Supercars lining up outside Timbre+ for photo opportunities, between 12 – 5 pm. There will also be a Cycling Clinic with cycling maintenance and cycling safety workshops. Happening all day is a Festive-themed Fair at Studio+ for all those who wish to get their Christmas shopping done early.

Timbre+ Eastside is designed with sustainability in mind, from green infrastructure such as solar panels to other programmes like Timbre+’s Gift-It-Bag and One Kind Block. All the power Timbre+ Eastside will use are from renewable sources, such as solar panels that are already in place at the Singapore Expo.

Timbre+ Eastside will also be implementing EV charging points in phase 2 for electric vehicles so diners can charge their EVs while they are at Timbre+ Eastside, as well as an on-site food digester to compost all food waste generated every day. Eventually, the power generated by the food digester will also be used to power Timbre+ Eastside.

The community can get involved with initiatives like the Gift-It-Bag programme where diners can donate their washable tote bags. It will be available for collection from within the Gift-It-Bag booth, after washing. When people take away their food, they can use these washable tote bags free of charge. After all, every step counts to reduce single plastic use.

The Bottle Shop at Timbre+ Eastside sells modular hydroponic systems from One Kind Block, created by teenage entrepreneur Dylan Soh. One Kind Block’s hydroponic systems will enable apartment-dwellers to get into the fun of urban farming by growing their vegetables using his patented system. At Timbre+, with every hydroponic block purchased, Timbre+ will donate one to the elderly, so they can garden in the comfort of their living room.

Finally, Timbre+ Eastside is home to a book swop corner where diners are encouraged to take and leave well-loved books behind. This not only drives the love for reading but also saves books from being thrown away.

Timbre+ Eastside is located across 2,000 sqm and can sit 800 (without Safe Management Measures). It offers a diverse mix of international and local cuisine from its 21+1 different food and retail stores. The curated selection includes Huat Huat BBQ Chicken Wings, Lao Niang De Dian, which serves fusion Malaysian and Thai food, Ajiya Okonomiyaki, for an authentic okonomiyaki fix, and Kopifellas’ Smoked Duck Lor Mee.

The Bottle Shop is in the centre of all this, featuring a plethora of 200 curated beers, ciders, and international spirits. Be amazed by the robotic arm that will mix, shake, and stir a classic cocktail or two. Of course, it would not be Timbre+ without some live entertainment, and once permitted, Timbre+ Eastside will be rocking with multi-dimensional entertainment and live bands in a vibrant atmosphere.

The urbanised food park also offers 13 unique first-of-its-kind Kerbside drive-thru pick-up units innovated to help reduce delivery costs for Timbre+’s food partners. Diners can order food via our Timbre+ app and then drive by for a fuss-free food pickup in the comfort of the car.

Danny adds, “We wanted Timbre+ to be a champion for local culinary talents, who are Singapore’s bastion of food culture. At the same time, we want to help our food partners through our various innovations and technology, which is why we had innovatively designed this first of its kind Kerbside drive-thru pick-up and contactless payments.”

Designed as a place for communities to come together to meet, learn and play, Timbre+ Eastside is constantly filled with programmes to keep you and your family entertained.

The centrepiece of Timbre+ Eastside is a Children’s Playground for kids to burn off some energy. Located within an air well, it allows for better ventilation and light to filter through the whole venue. The playground will be for kids to entertain themselves while parents dine with the kids in view.

Additionally, Timbre+ Eastside is located along the Eastern cycling path towards park connectors, a bicycle shop, and bicycle parking space for a cycling pit stop for diners to refuel and refresh before powering on. On the weekends, diners can enjoy activities such as exercise classes and food fairs at Studio+, an air-conditioned space located within Timbre+, perfect for such events.

Timbre+ Eastside
Where: 1 Expo Drive, Outside Singapore Expo Hall 5, Singapore 486150
When : 9am-11pm daily, individual stalls may have own opening times

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