Food For Now: Fatboy’s Launches Durian Burger

Over 300 suggestions later, Fatboy’s is ready to unveil the winning ingredient of their 12th birthday challenge with the launch of the all new Fatboy’s Durian Burger.

“We were thoroughly impressed by the enthusiasm of our fans and friends. At Fatboy’s, we love hearing from you because that’s how we ensure that we consistently serve up comfort food we know you’ll love!” says Bernie Tay, Founder, Fatboy’s.

From 26 September to 10 October, participants bombarded the challenge with some of the most creative, and crazy, suggestions of what ingredients we should include in our Fatboy’s menu. Amidst the cries for mooncake, squid and even controversial coriander, 12 lucky participants emerged victorious and walked away with $100 worth of Fatboy’s vouchers each.

For anyone who harbours second guesses about the pungent, meaty fruit in a burger, we invite you to have a taste for yourself. Crunch into a generous slab of durian croquette that has been fried to golden-brown perfection, layered over a juicy homemade beef patty featuring the signature Fatboy’s blend. While your senses reel over the supreme textures, let your tastebuds luxuriate in the thick creaminess of decadent durian puree enhanced with a tart smear of jam, all wrapped in the warm hug of a fluffy buttered bun.

Durian Burger now available at all Fatboy’s outlets. More information available on their website,
Instagram and Facebook.

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