Food For Now: At-Sunrice’s Sunday Luxe Series – Honey Sunday with Chef Petrina Loh

At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy’s signature event, the Sunday Luxe Series, will return on Sunday, 7th November 2021. The Academy will be transformed into an experiential day of learning and tasting, where guests will be taken on epicurean journey to explore the intricacies of honey. The Sunday Luxe Series happens on the 2nd and 4th Sunday of each month with one of the following themes – food mission, heritage, food business and sustainability – and the upcoming installation of the Sunday Luxe Series will lend focus to food sustainability and how honey is being sustainably harvested.

Honey Dinner & High Tea (13 Honey Royal Herb Cured Fjord Trout)

The one-day honey-themed event is hosted by Chef-Owner of Morsels, Petrina Loh, who is known for her belief in you are what you eat. Her experimental fusion cuisine focuses on a Traditional Chinese Medicine-influenced menu with wellness and nourishment in mind. Guests will be treated to culinary experiences such as high tea, fine-dining dinner pop-up and masterclass by Chef Petrina, and curated workshops by exclusive partners.

Spend a leisurely afternoon at the produce market and learn, taste and get to know more about the different honey varieties – raw honey, pure honey, natural honey, unfiltered honey – all 100% honey with a natural mild floral scent and taste. Pick up some honey products from 13 Honey, harvested from its own bee farm in environmentally-friendly ways; natural wines from Cogito Wines that are free of pesticides and no added sulfites; premium artisanal sakes from Epicurean Nomads; and sustainable products from The Sustainability Project, all handpicked by Chef Petrina.

Honey Dinner (Danggui Honey Glazed Primrose Pork Ribs)

Conducted by Chef Petrina, the The Thoughtful Host Masterclass will take participants through a three-course meal preparation demo, exploring the use of TCM herbs and honey in food and learn how to create
TCM herb infused honey, while learning how to pair these taste profiles with sake. Participants will receive a gift pack with herbs from Eu Yan Sang, personally selected by Chef Petrina, along with recipes and a jar of Chef’s special herb-infused honey.

Be fascinated about the intricacies of honey, from farm to table, and learn about the different types of honey and their health benefits in Bee a Honey Connoisseur Workshop. Presented by 13 Honey, the workshop will also include honey tasting and a cooking demo where participants can learn how to use honey to create a Honey Volcano Cheesecake.

Honey Dinner (Jeju Live Abalone with 13 Honey Royal Honey Ginseng Lacto Chicken, USA Calrose Rice Pao Fan in American Ginseng Broth) 2

In a Natural Wine workshop by Cogito Wines, participants will learn all about natural wines that that are free of pesticides and no added sulfites. Taste and explore five different high quality natural wines from different wine regions and learn about the various vinification techniques that allow conservation of a quality wine without the addition of sulfites – including sous-voile wine, maceration of white grapes skins to extract natural preservatives and carbonic maceration.

At the Beeswax Wrap Workshop conducted by The Sustainability Project, the hands-on interactive workshop will allow participants to make their own beeswax wrap. Beeswax wrap, also known as food wrap, is a sustainable alternative to plastic cling wrap and cover that can be used to wrap food, bowls, and more. Participants will also bring home one beeswax wrap that will last for about six months as it is washable, reusable and it will not tear.

High on Honey High Tea (Gorgonzola Cheesecake)

The High On Honey High Tea is a unique honey-themed high tea experience by Chef Petrina will get participants high on honey. Savour sweet and savoury Asian Fusion creations by Chef Petrina that are infused with high quality honey varieties from 13 Honey, such as the Truffle Duck Rillette with Okinawan Sweet Potato Mash Mini Taco and 13 Honey Stingless Honey; Pumpkin Forbidden Rice Pudding with 13 Honey Multifloral Honey and Coconut Cream; and Burnt Miso Pound Cake with Whipped Sour Cream and 13 Honey’s Honey Dew Honey.

Honey Dinner & High Tea (Oysters with Kondo Bee My Honey Vinaigrette, USA Rice Brown Rice Puff)

Finally, with the Honey Dinner, get ready for a perfect showcase of Chef Petrina’s culinary mastery, be dazzled by a specially curated dinner menu that intricately blends honey with TCM herbs to the seafood and meat dishes, transforming the dinner into an evening of wellness dining. A wine pairing option is available to elevate the dining experience. Culinary highlights include Jeju Live Abalone with 13 Honey’s Royal Honey Ginseng Lacto Chicken, USA Calrose Rice “Pao Fan” in American Ginseng Broth; Danggui Honey-glazed Primrose Pork Ribs with 13 Honey’s Stingless Bee Honey, Borlotti Beans Puree and Brocoolini; and end the meal on a sweet note Galangal Panna Cotta with 13 Honey’s Wu Wei Zi Honey and Salted Honeycomb Candy.

Honey Sunday takes place on Sunday, 7th November 2021. More information and tickets to events available here

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