Skin Deep: Lancôme launches Advanced Génifique #StrongerEveryday Virtual Flagship

The future of beauty is personal. Leading luxury beauty brand, Lancôme is excited to announce the launch of their newest digital retail experience in Singapore – the Lancôme Génifique #StrongerEveryday Virtual Flagship, that will commence from 4th to 24th October 2021 for an immersive and personalised experience. 

Since the brand’s successful debut of their #LiveYourStrength Virtual Flagship in Singapore in August 2020, the virtual flagship experience for Lancôme customers has since been a global campaign that has been launched and scaled in 17 countries on 5 continents and in 9 languages including Australia, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, South Korea, Thailand, and the USA. Over the past year, half a million people have walked through Lancôme’s virtual doors and experienced digitally-interactive product touchpoints and immersive retail experiences surrounding the brand’s iconic and their #1 beauty serum, the Advanced Génifique Serum. 

Leading the digital revolution in the beauty industry’s retail experiences, the Lancôme Génifique #StrongerEveryday Virtual Flagship aims to marry the #1 beauty brand with its vision to bring the most advanced omni and hyper-personalised shopping experience to their customers. The Virtual Flagship will boast new features including hyper-personalised product recommendations, an immersive e-commerce platform and an opportunity for visitors to empower other women simply by registering for a customised sampling kit. Once again, the new Virtual Flagship will be a 3D virtual space that marries e-commerce and customer experience that is engaging and intuitive.

Ms. Sher Le Chua, Brand General Manager for Lancôme Singapore, says: “Lancôme continues to push the boundaries in the omni-retail space and is constantly reinventing customer experiences. We believe that the future of beauty will truly be personal. With our newest Virtual Flagship, we are integrating our #1 leading skincare range, Génifique – pioneered by microbiome science, with a hyper-personalised omni-shopping experience for everyone in Singapore.”

Adapting to changing online consumer needs and habits brought about by the pandemic, Lancôme hopes to develop more personalised offerings through their upcoming Virtual Flagship experience. For the first time, consumers will be able to redeem a customised 7-day Genifique trial kit based on their skin’s needs.  Upon visiting the Virtual Flagship, customers will be able to choose between the Healthy, Younger-Looking Essentials Kit or the Brighter, Clearer Kit – customised for the respective skincare needs, overall skin care improvement or brightening respectively. 

Adding another layer of hyper-personalisation within the Virtual Flagship, visitors can experience a personalised virtual skin consultation with one selfie with the Lancôme E-Youth Finder – Lancôme’s first-ever mobile skin diagnosis tool powered by artificial intelligence and 80 years of skincare expertise. As easy as a selfie, the algorithm built on a database of 10,000 clinically-graded pictures will analyze the 8 facets of the skin’s youth and beauty to provide the best skincare solution. Virtual consultations are available as well for those who would prefer a more in-depth consultation with a Lancôme beauty advisor via the “Chat” function in the Virtual Flagship. 

This year, Lancôme aims to encourage everyone to live a #StrongerEveryday life through a deeper form of self-realisation by gaining clarity on one’s life pillars – Work & Career Satisfaction, Financial Management, Family & Relationships, Physical Wellbeing and Mental health. These five life pillars are like one’s internal compass – when they are clear and prioritised, this produces satisfaction, a sense of happiness and fulfillment. The #StrongerEveryday Quiz within the Virtual Flagship, invites visitors to understand what motivates them and in return, gain some customised recommendations to live a purposeful, #StrongerEveryday life. 

The launch of the Virtual Flagship also marks the debut of Lancôme’s first-ever official e-boutique in Singapore – an immersive online platform that will be a one-stop luxury retail space that carries the full breadth of Lancôme products. There will also be online exclusives such as limited edition product launches, online-only exclusives and signature E-beauty experiences available at the e-boutique. 

Exclusive services such as online consultations with a Lancôme E-Beauty Advisor will be available from 11am to 6pm daily except Tuesdays and Thursdays. As the leader in beauty technology, Lancôme mobile skin diagnosis tool, the E-Youth Finder, will also be available at the e-boutique. Personalised 7-day sampling kits that meet the needs of different skin types will also be available at the e-boutique alongside special early-entry access based on membership status, to exclusive products and bundle sets.

As Lancôme believes in delivering Happiness to all customers, the e-boutique offers free delivery islandwide and a customised sampling kit with every purchase. In addition, there will be tiered gifts-with-purchase that increases with each spend, starting from $150.

As part of Lancôme’s Global Sustainability Programme, the brand will also be using more recyclable materials when it comes to product packaging. To tie luxury with environmental responsibility, Lancôme has developed a range of innovative packaging solutions that help reduce the environmental impact of its products – by offering product packaging that are 100% recyclable. Furthermore, the brand commits to manufacturing products with sustainable packaging by using less virgin materials and more recyclable materials such as 100% FSC-Certified paper, glass and post-consumer recycled plastic. 

Since 2017, Lancôme has been empowering women through various global philanthropic programmes and partnerships. As part of Lancôme’s continued efforts to empower women to lead a #StrongerEveryday life, the brand will be supporting Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) as their appointed charity for the Virtual Flagship. 

DOT is an IPC charity empowering underprivileged women into sustained employment, thus enabling their families towards social mobility. DOT complements existing training and workforce-related agencies by connecting volunteers and community resources to enable each woman on an individual level. 

With every registered sample redeemed at the Virtual Flagship, a $5 donation will go towards supporting underprivileged women in their back-to-work journeys. 

“We are so honoured to be a part of Lancome’s campaign this year as it really resonates with our vision to empower women through discovering their paths towards sustainable livelihoods. As we celebrate these strong women in our community, may you be inspired to show up each day, knowing that you too can emerge stronger everyday,” says Ms. Fannie Lim, Executive Director of Daughters Of Tomorrow. 

Once again, Lancôme has launched a nation-wide Génifique campaign featuring 100 local women, each with their own distinct narratives and lived experiences, who aspire to build a community of strong, empowered and purposeful women in Singapore. Each of these 100 women were invited to complete the #StrongerEveryday Quiz where they seek clarity in what motivates them to lead a more #StrongerEveryday, purposeful life. These women were also encouraged to share their personal thoughts on how they are guided through life based on their life pillars and also share some advice on how to lead a more purposeful and motivated life. 

The campaign is fronted by local personalities Aisyah Aziz, Andrea Chong, Bernadette Belle, Rosalyn Lee and Sahur Saleim – as they rally women in Singapore to empower each other to be #StrongerEveryday. 

The Lancôme Advanced Génifique #StrongerEveryday Virtual Flagship opens to the public from 4th to 24th October 2021. Each visitor can redeem a customised Génifique sampling kit at the Virtual Flagship. Visitors can access the Virtual Flagship via a URL link which will only be accessible from 4th October 2021 onwards.

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