Food For Now: Win a year’s supply of croissants from Tiong Bahru Bakery

If you love Tiong Bahru Bakery’s croissants, well, lucky you! Tiong Bahru Bakery [TBB], home of the handmade croissant, is spreading some buttery love by gifting one year’s worth of their signature plain croissant to 21 diners. Lauded by many as the best in town, TBB celebrates our croissants’ handcrafted perfection with the Golden Croissant lucky pick. Just pick a croissant from any outlet and bite into a Golden Croissant, which looks exactly like a plain croissant, but filled with a luxurious custard that sparkles and shines with gold flakes and sprinkles. This contest runs from 11th October 2021 to 9th Jan 2022 and the lucky winners will win 365 croissants worth $1277.50.

TBB’s plain Croissants are handmade from scratch, from mixing, lamination, shaping, egg wash to baking. Our perfect croissant takes up to 72 hours to craft and only the best French flour and golden Normandy butter is used, giving the croissant its wonderful fragrance and mouthfeel. The secret of a great croissant, aside from the ingredients, is mastering the lamination technique. TBB’s team of highly skilled tourier-viennois [or specialist croissant bakers] painstakingly apply this time-honoured art of folding dough and butter to create those stunning honeycomb structures, which results in a light yet decadent bake. Each labour of doughy, buttery love is baked in batches every two hours, all day, every day to ensure the utmost freshness.

This is a dine-in promotion only and not applicable for take-away or via delivery platforms. The Golden Croissant could be found across all TBB outlets. The year-long supply starts from the day they claim their first croissant using a stack of 365 vouchers, valid till end Dec 2022.

For a full list of Tiong Bahru Bakery locations, visit their website here

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