Thailand: HOMA Implements Ground-Breaking Sustainability Practices as Affordable Housing Project Sets New Standards in Thailand

HOMA Phuket Town features 505 apartments with pioneering sustainable living innovations

PHUKET, THAILAND – HOMA Phuket Town, a pioneering co-living apartment project, has unveiled a range of advanced environmental and social impact practices that will set new standards for sustainability in Thailand and enable its tenants to “Live A Better Life”. HOMA Phuket Town, an eco-friendly and affordable apartment complex, is a joint venture between Asia Capital Real Estate (ACRE) and NOON Capital, is located in the historical and cultural heart of the popular Thai island. With 505 stylish rental units, all supported by the facilities and services of an internationally branded hotel, its tenants will be able to elevate their lifestyles and discover a cleaner, greener and more inspiring way of living. The innovative development embraces a series of sustainable solutions that successfully reduce its carbon footprint. The project is powered by the sun, with rooftop solar panels generating renewable energy for all areas of the complex. It has also installed energy-efficient appliances, LED lighting, which is about 70% more efficient than traditional lighting, and advanced air conditioning systems that use much less energy than standard units. Combined, these practices will help HOMA Phuket Town to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by approximately 325 tonnes each year – the equivalent of planting almost 5,400 new trees in a decade or removing more than 70 cars from the road.

(left): the project offers a rarified sense of green-inspired living with lush landscaping throughout;
(right) Conor Brannum is HOMA’s newly appointed sustainability officer

Tenants of HOMA Phuket Town will benefit from advanced air quality monitoring, modern furniture made from 100% recycled wood, and “Low E” (emissivity) glass designed to minimise ultraviolet light exposure and regulate the internal temperature of each unit. The property will also use recycled water to irrigate its grounds and gardens, in addition to which all trees on the site were preserved during construction, creating natural shade and boosting biodiversity.
The aim for HOMA Phuket Town, and all new projects in the HOMA portfolio, is to meet the green building standards of Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE Advanced), established by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), and to be certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), the world’s most widely used green building rating system, awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC).
Driving these environmental efforts is Conor Brannum, HOMA’s newly-appointed sustainability officer. A graduate of Arizona State University, Conor is an expert in the advancement of eco solutions in the commercial real estate sector having completed the rigorous five module EDGE Technical Online Workshop series certified by the USGBC, ahead of the implementation of the EDGE standards and software applications at HOMA.
“At HOMA, we are deeply committed to reducing the stress on the environment. By designing and developing energy- and resource-efficient buildings, we are taking decisive steps to preserving the planet and ensuring a higher quality of living for our residents. Moreover, the savings we’ll make in the long-term will positively impact the building’s value, leading to higher lease rates and decreased utility costs,” commented Luca Dotti, founder and managing director at HOMA.

(left) the co-working areas feature farmed-timber table tops, low energy lighting and local artist murals on the walls; (centre) traditional wood and weaving materials used in the rooms; (right) free water refill stations feature throughout

At HOMA Phuket Town, ACRE engaged the services of leading infrastructure consulting firm AECOM to ensure best-in-class sustainability practices and compliance. The various low-impact development strategies adopted in the building’s design and construction will help to reduce the heat island effect and contribute to a cooler microclimate in and around the site.
Scheduled to open in October 2021, HOMA Phuket Town provides a collection of contemporary studio, duplex, one-, two- and three-bedroom units, all designed and furnished for today’s modern resident and nestled within a verdant landscape. Hotel-style facilities include an infinity pool, a fitness centre, yoga area, kids’ room, café, restaurant and co-working space, all supported by professional hospitality services including a “HOMA Host”, laundry, housekeeping and 24-hour reception.
In the future, HOMA will open a second co-living development in Phuket in Cherngtalay. It also owns a project in Thailand’s Chonburi province called HOMA Sri Racha. In the next five years, ACRE aims to invest more than US$250 million to develop six HOMA projects across Thailand, all of which will be designed, developed and operated in a responsible way.

For more information, visit their website here

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