Going Green: CONCAVE SUMMIT 2021 – ‘Shifting Mindsets in Sustainability & Social Impact’

Concave Summit, is an independent summit exploring the convergence of Sustainability & Social Impact with Technology, through the lens of Culture & Community. This year debuts its hybrid event physically and livestreamed from White City House, London on 23rd September 2021, Thursday. Platforming worldly perspectives from leading and emerging voices in sustainable technology who position culture and community at the heart of what they do, Concave Summit is one of only a few events part of the London Tech Week that focuses on Global Impact.

Drawing from Concave’s networks in Singapore, Southeast Asia, UK & Europe, the theme of Concave Summit 2021 is, ‘Shifting Mindsets in Sustainability & Social Impact’ which will zoom in on the topics of Sustainability; Circular Economy; Diversity & Inclusion; Food Technology, Digital Wellness; and Driving Social Change through Digital Technology, achieved through both live and virtual events. The day’s event will be divided into three components: two stages (live and virtual), and a virtual exhibitor booth arena for the summit’s global community and partners.

Discussions and sessions make up the day’s program, starting off with a keynote appearance from Tom Tapper, co-founder and CEO of B Corp creative agency Nice and Serious. Tapper aims to explore the role businesses play in our society, and why putting profit above purpose has created many of the crises we now see in the world. He’ll share the story of how his agency lost its way, before codifying a moral compass into the decision-making process. He will be discussing the importance of bringing humanity back into business, and how it can benefit us all.

Plus appearances from founders of Sourced Journeys, Dr. Anna Sulan Masing and Chloe-Rose Crabtree, the latter of which will pose ‘How can tech be developed to service the needs of local communities?’. Katee Hui (Pentagram, and founder of Hackney Laces) and Zoë Gibson Quirk (ZoandCo) will address the Gender Equality Gap.

The day’s program line-up will also feature panel sessions presented by the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change hosted by Benedict Macon-Cooney, Deputy Executive Director for Tech Policy who will discuss the best approach for policymakers to stay on track with food tech innovations and obstacles to be addressed from R&D funding to regulations. Also joined by Alexander Losad, Policy Lead for Digital Government Unit who will discuss the rapidly-changing role of education and the dire need for a systems-level evolution in global and national policy to enable new-tech inclusive education practises to be trailed and scaled up.

After the event, the conversations will continue via the platform hub, Swapcard to help build and foster growth of the network throughout the year.

The beauty of Concave is the intimate size and interdisciplinary network, which encourages real and strong connections between the audience and the voices platformed. Since its original launch in Singapore, 2018 as part of a larger tech conference, and its UK debut in London at Ace Hotel Shoreditch, 2019, Concave has become a space for open discussion that amplifies social good, accelerates positive change and most importantly, has built a socially-conscious community.

Undergoing a few iterations since its inception in 2018, which founder, Vicki Yeo, launched as an experiment after being inspired by SXSW’s focus on Culture (then defined as Music, Film, Art, Design, Civil Society and Social Impact) intersecting with Technology. 2019 then saw Vicki and her network grow organically to focus on Sustainability, Social Impact & Creative Entrepreneurship, with efforts towards the Culture mission.

Fast forward to Thursday 23rd September 2021 as Concave works towards establishing this new summit brand, various divisions shall also branch out in near future as separate activations focused on driving positive change across different aspects – Concave CultureTech // Concave NextGen // Concave Coalition // Concave Impact.

Taking place throughout London Tech Week (20th – 24th September), registration for Concave
Summit is now open. Concave Summit takes place on Thursday 23rd September, 9.30AM – 4PM (BST) / 4.30PM – 11PM (SGT). More information available here

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