Food For Now: Famed Chef Kazuhiro Hamamoto Opens His Eponymous Fine Dining Restaurant on Tras Street this September

Chef-Owner Kazuhiro Hamamoto brings over 20 years of extraordinary experience across Kyoto, Tokyo, and Singapore to his eponymous 10-seater Sushi Kappo restaurant. Located in the historic Tanjong Pagar district, Chef Kazu — as he is better known — brings his soulful approach to reimagining each season’s best ingredients in an intimate, unfussy space, designed by the award-winning Matthew Shang Design Office. Chef Kazu most recently spent close to a decade at the helm of Ki-Sho, winning over a legion of diners, including many chefs and restaurateurs.

Seasonal Sushi

The entrance to Hamamoto is nondescript — a simple sign denotes the restaurant, a nod to the Chef’s carefully restraint approach. Behind the textured glass door is short walkway enveloped in a sea of black that creates a dramatic entry point — featuring a bespoke sake and wine chiller — which subtly continues partially onto the ceiling of the main dining room, contrasted against a curved, textured white arc above the sushi counter. Handcrafted materials are cleverly used throughout the space, including an elegant private dining room anchored by a singular round dining table, featuring dark grey wallpaper panels and soft lighting.

Seasonal Dish

Hamamoto opens for lunch from Monday to Friday, for dinner Monday to Saturday. Guests who join the restaurant for lunch will enjoy the Sushi Experience (from S$280) — a simple format that consists of Seasonal Appetiser, Seasonal Dish, Sushi, and ends with Dessert. Dinner is traditionally more elaborate, and guests can choose from the Hamamoto Experience (from S$425) or the Fancy Omakase (from S$550); where the former follows a similar rhythm to lunch but begins with a Signature Seasonal Dish, Seasonal Sushi, followed by dessert. The Fancy Omakase features an extravagant Beef Bone Marrow and Bafun Uni, topped with Caviar; and Chef Kazu’s signature Wagyu Bomb, that is cooked over binchotan in front of diners.

Beef Bone Marrow and Bafun Uni, topped with Caviar

Naturally, the menus at Hamamoto will change with the seasons, highlighting the freshest produce that Mother Nature has to offer. At opening, guests will experience the end of summer menu, which could feature dishes such as Ikura Kasuzuke, a delicate dish of salmon roe pickled in sake lees; Marinated Tachiuo with Karasumi (beltfish topped with bottarga); Tako Yawarakani (steam-simmered octopus); and a refreshing Peach Compote with Umeshu Kakigōri (shaved ice made from plum liquor).

Ikura Kasuzuke

The opening of Hamamoto brings to life a long-held vision that Chef Kazu has had, including the fruition of partnerships with friends and artisans across Japan, united in the spirit of harmony and connection. Dishes and drinks are served on custom ceramic lacquerware, handmade by an old friend, Kenji, using the ancient totai shikki technique that fuses porcelain and lacquer. He also worked closely with 6th generation brewer, Junpei Sato, from the iconic Tatenokawa Brewery from Yamagata Prefecture, to create the house sake Hamamoto 7 — a Junmai Daiginjo where the rice is polished down to 7% creating a delicious aroma, subtlety, and fullness.

Peach Compote with Umeshu Kakigōri

Where: 58 Tras Street, Singapore 078997
Reservations: Via phone only, at +65 9672 7110. Whatsapp is preferred.
The private dining room currently seats five guests only, and is subject to change depending on the prevailing government restrictions.
Website: Instagram

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