Food For Now: Shake Shack’s The Great Shake Sale returns for National Day 2021

From 19th to 25th July, all Singapore Shacks will be selling Great Shake Sale vouchers for SGD$2, redeemable for a limited-edition Salted Egg Shake before 31st August. An ode to Singapore this National Day, the Salted Egg Shake is vanilla custard blended with salted egg yolks, topped with whipped cream and shortbread crumble.

This initiative is part of the second edition of the Great Shake Sale to benefit National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre (NVPC) Company of Good’s Heartland Pays It Forward initiative tied to National Day, where all voucher proceeds support Company of Good’s Heartland Pays it Forward initiative, a national pay it forward movement to support hawkers and marginalised communities.

Shake Shack is proud to be part of the Collaborate for Good initiative this year leading up to National Day, as part of their mission to Stand for Something Good® in everything we do.

Great Shake Sale vouchers are available for purchase at all Singapore Shacks from 19th to 25th July. Find out more on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.


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