Rainforest Lumina returns to light up the Singapore Zoo for one last edition

Guests can look forward to continued adventures with Rainforest Lumina’s Creature Crew, which inspire guests to care for nature through interactive storytelling elements when they return for Season 3 on 8th July 2021.

It’s time to get out and about and experience the beauty of the night and nature, as Southeast Asia’s only Lumina—Rainforest Lumina—returns for its final season at the Singapore Zoo. Beginning at 7.15pm on 8th July 2021, guests will experience a multi-sensory journey, melding nature and technology through the latest in light, projection and audio, that expertly harmonises the natural sights, sounds and scents of the rainforest at night.

Guests can immerse themselves in luminous fields of pixel lights that pulsate to the rhythm of the night as they meander through Shimmering Islands at Season 3 of Rainforest Lumina. PHOTO CREDITS: WILDLIFE RESERVES SINGAPORE

A different perspective of the park (which is not the usual animal-based interactions of the day park) is core to this sensorial experience. Focusing entirely on the setting and environment, visitors will immerse themselves in a symphony of lights, beautifully orchestrated music and interactive play that will inspire everyone to appreciate nature and help protect wildlife and conserve biodiversity so habitats and the planet can continue to thrive. Rainforest Lumina’s Creature Crew, made of up eight virtual animals, embodies a special virtue reminiscent of their species as they lead everyone on a mission to discover that ‘We Are One’—how humans and nature are interconnected, and how each has a vital role to sustain life on earth.

Rainforest Lumina, Singapore Zoo’s illuminated multimedia night walk on the wild side promises a multi-sensory feast by retaining well-loved zones like the Luminous Pathway and introducing new enhancements in Season 3.

This year, visitors can look forward to singing and playing with the Creature Crew at popular interactive play zones and be immersed in a dazzling laser display as they make their way through the Luminous Pathway. They will meander through thousands of sparkling pixel lights at the Shimmering Islands and they can also dance through a digital thunderstorm to the beautiful symphony conducted by Bob the playful otter. The journey comes to a close with a stunning laser and projection display which reminds guests that ‘We Are One’, and to do their part to protect the rainforest.

Rainforest Lumina runs from 8th July 2021 to 13th February 2022 at the Singapore Zoo. Admission tickets can be purchased here.

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