Going Green: Singapore Sets New Earth Month Record for Environmental Savings by Choosing Impossible™ Beef Instead of Ground Beef from Cows

Latest figures from Impossible Foods’ 2021 Earth Month campaign in Singapore demonstrates the extraordinary impact that consumers can have on the planet by eating the plant-based ImpossibleTM Beef instead of ground beef from cows. Collectively, Singapore’s consumers reduced their environmental footprint equivalent to the savings of 708,863 square meters of land, 303,798 kg of CO2, and 8,506,360 litres of water in the month of April, setting a new record that is six times more than last year’s Earth Month results. This is comparable to:

  • Roughly the land area of 99 soccer fields or twice the size of Singapore Sports Hub
  • The greenhouse gas emissions of more than 1,380,900 km driven in a medium-sized car
  • More than 3 Olympic size pools or the water footprint of 28,166 baths in a standard bathtub

The mission of Impossible Foods is to turn back the clock on global warming and halt biodiversity collapse by making our global food system sustainable. Since arriving in Singapore in 2018, Impossible Foods has skyrocketed its footprint on our shores, launching Impossible Beef in close to 100 major supermarkets and over 600 restaurants.

Impossible Foods is now the most well-known plant-based brand among Singapore consumers, according to a 2021 brand tracker study by Kantar. The study showed that a significant majority (72%) of survey respondents in Singapore saw Impossible Foods as a trend-setter by encouraging more sustainable meat eating habits. Further, almost 3 in 4 survey respondents (74%) recognised Impossible Foods as the leading plant-based brand, growing by more than 30% YoY in brand awareness outpacing other competitor brands in the market. 

To encourage more consumers to drastically reduce their environmental footprint and turn back the clock on climate change for Earth Month, Impossible Foods partnered with close to 100 restaurants to serve up delicious Impossible Earth Month dishes and exclusives, including Da Paolo Pizza Bar, PRIVÉ, Straits Chinese and Swensen. Collectively, participating restaurant partners sold 240% more Impossible dishes during the month of April as compared to the previous year. Some of the top selling Earth Month dishes include the Le Big Mock Burger from Three Buns, PS.Cafe’s Impossible™ BBQ Onion & Rosemary Pizza and Swensen’s Bagus Burger.

“Switching to plant-based meat is a simple, powerful way to address climate change and spare resources like water and land for wildlife — for Earth Month and every other day. These are the best results we’ve seen to date across our restaurants and retail sales, and we are thrilled to see more people join us in this important mission and be a part of  our Earth Month campaign,” said Laurent Stevenart, Country Manager of Impossible Foods Singapore.

“We hope that more consumers will wake up to the fact that the animal agriculture industry is not sustainable, and will choose to eat more sustainable meat options instead of beef from cows, knowing Impossible Beef uses a fraction of the water, land and greenhouse gas emissions. Combine that with Impossible Beef’s craveable, meaty deliciousness and it’s a win-win.”

– Laurent Stevenart, Country Manager of Impossible Foods Singapore.

Impossible Foods exists to reduce the need for animal agriculture, which is directly responsible for one of the most immediate threats our species faces: devastating climate change and collapse of biodiversity. Using science and technology, Impossible Foods replicates the meaty taste and deliciousness that people love in meat, using plant-based ingredients with a significantly lower environmental impact. Not only are animals not the only way to produce the world’s favorite foods; they aren’t even the best way. 

The Impossible Burger (of 113g serving size), compared to the same amount of ground beef from a cow, uses 96% less land, 87% less water and 89% less greenhouse gasses. For the consumer, it means that this saves 7 square meters of land, 3 kg of CO2, and 84 litres of water.

For more information, visit their website here For more details on Impossible Food’s Earth Month campaign, visit here 

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