Tipple Time: Sunbird and Lion Brewery Co. release Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose

If Singapore’s been feeling a little too hot and humid lately, it might be time to take a trip up a snowy mountain. But in this pandemic situation, how? The answer lies in Sunbird Brewing Company and Lion Brewery Co.’s new release – the Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose, the perfect thirst quencher to cool off in our tropical summer climate.

A Gose beer with the heart of Singapore and the soul of the snow-capped Kunlun Mountains, the Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose is an ode to the craft beer ethos of working together to bring an exchange of ideas and friendship between two Singaporean craft breweries. With a rich heritage dating back to 1836 London, Lion Brewery Co has been a well-established local brand in Singapore since 2018, recognised for their exceptional beers brewed with a devotion to quality and taste, while Sunbird Brewing Company, established 2020, has been the talk-of-town for their disruptive strategy of brewing creative craft beers to reach out to craft consumers of the future.

“During this challenging pandemic time where F&B businesses are having to constantly reinvent, we want to make the best of this collaboration to innovate,” shared Head Brewer and Director of Sunbird Brewing Company Clive Tan. “We are heartened by the trust and support Lion Brewing Co has given us and it is no better time for us to launch this true-to-style Gose beer to treat both Lion and Sunbird customers who have been supporting us.”

General Manager and Co-Founder of Lion Brewery Co, Will Julius, shared the story behind this meaningful collaboration. “We have been very keen to do a sour style for a while now so we were excited to be able to do a Gose with our friends at Sunbird. Goses are become really popular recently and we wanted to hero Asian flavours with this brew, which is why we used Snow Chrysanthemum. Ultimately, I think these types of collaborations are really about showcasing the quality of Singaporean craft beer and we are excited for everyone to try it!”

Unlike other beers available in the market, what sets the Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose apart is the championing of the unique taste of snow chrysanthemum (昆仑雪). The only wild chrysanthemum that grows at high altitudes on the Kunlun mountain in China, Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose is a deep gold-coloured, medium-low body Gose beer that exudes floral notes and a kumquat aroma to complement its earthy, tart taste.

The Snow Daisy Chrysanthemum Gose is available via both Lion Brewery Co’s online shop and Sunbird Brewing Company’s online shop. All orders will be delivered right to your doorstep while you #stayhome.

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