Food For Now: Ebi Bar launches new rice options, now available for takeaway and delivery

Ebi Bar Combo For 2

Having opened their doors only 2 weeks before Phase 2 (Heightened Alert), new restaurant Ebi Bar has been unable to host diners at their restaurant. Still, the shrimp specialists have is unable to welcome diners into their shop to dine in. While this has impacted Ebi Bar like many other establishments, Ebi Bar has been kept busy creating new dishes, organising delivery options, and preparing meals for the healthcare workers at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.    

Joanne Lim, co-founder of The Eminent F&B Group of which Ebi Bar is their first concept, says, “We took a bit longer to release our delivery menus as we wanted to create something that our customers will love and relish the same way they do the food in our restaurant. We would like our customers to see the arrival of Ebi Bar as a respite from their hectic day and a chance to come together around the dinner table as a family.”

Signature “Chao Da” (Charred) Ebi Pao Fan

Over this period, Ebi Bar has taken on new R&D initiatives, with the results being several brand new menu items. One such dish Ebi Bar’s Signature “Chao Da” (Charred) Ebi Pao Fan. Ebi Bar’s version is paired with Ebi Bar’s Signature “Chao Da” (Charred) Ebi and prawn broth. Unlike regular “pao fan”, Ebi Bar takes inspiration from the olden times, where food was cooked over charcoal, lending the dish a beautiful smoky finish. 

Ebi Bar’s Signature “Chao Da” (Charred) Ebi Pao Fan features a bowl of steamed rice, a pair of its signature charred prawns, pan seared chicken, and topped with Ebi Bar’s very-crispy “pao fan poppin’ toppings”, surrounded by Ebi Bar’s delicious broth. The toppings are made from home-made fried puffed rice and fried dried shrimps, all of which lends a crunchy texture and a different dimension to the dish.  The best way to enjoy this dish is to reheat the broth and then pour it over the bowl of rice and ingredients, before sprinkling on the “pao fan poppin’ toppings”.

Signature “Chao Da” (Charred) Ebi Rice

Additionally, Ebi Bar has rolled out all-new Rice Bowls such as the Signature “Chao Da” (Charred) Ebi Rice, featuring its signature “Chao Da” Ebi Prawns; Salted Mackerel Fried Chicken Rice with crispy fried chicken in salted mackerel marinade and fried egg crisp; and the Ebi & Vege-Crispy Fritter Rice with ramen egg. All the Rice Bowls will come with a bowl of hearty prawn broth to complete the meal with an umami kick. It is advised that prawn broth should be reheated just before dining.

Ebi & Vege-Crispy Fritter Rice

To ensure customers receive food as good as if they were dining in, Ebi Bar has taken the time to simulate deliveries and conducted food taste tests to various addresses around the island. This way, customers will be reassured that the food would be delicious no matter where they are. 

Combo set for 4

Both take away and delivery options are available. Combo sets, available on Ebi Bar’s ordering site and Takeaway option, aim to provide customers with something to look forward to. Diners can order a Combo Set for 2 pax at $39.90 or $49.90 or the “Pao Fan Combo” for 2 at $59.90. Each Combo Set for 2 comes with two mains, two sides, and two drinks. For bigger families, Ebi Bar also has a Combo Set for 4 at $88.80, which offers 4 mains, 4 sides, and 4 drinks. The popular Salted Mackerel Fried Chicken and Fried Ebi Vege-Crispy Fritter are included as side dish options within the combo sets at no extra charge.

Salted Mackerel Fried Chicken Rice

For takeaways, diners will be able to order from the same Ebi Bar dine-in menu. Also, as a takeaway exclusive, all purchases of Combo Sets will enjoy 25% off. A perfect way to take a quick break from the computer while picking up that special meal. If diners prefer to stay home, they can pick the delivery option to order the Combo Sets from Ebi Bar’s Ordering Site. 

For those who order the Pao Fan combo, they can elevate it with the Luxe Option at $128, which includes a whole fresh Boston lobster. Customers can also choose to add-on Chef Delivery, which will see Head Chef Jeff Tong personally delivering the items and quickly cooking and assembling the dishes for customers. Customers may choose to have Chef blanche or torch their fresh lobster. The Luxe Option is available for takeaway and delivery while the Chef Delivery add-on is only available for delivery.

Even though Ebi Bar has been keeping busy, without diners in store, they are not as busy as before. As such, they have decided to use their time meaningfully by preparing meals for the healthcare workers at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. 

“We want to use the time we have on hand to say thank you to the healthcare workers in a practical way. Yes, it is their job, but it is also not easy knowing how real the virus is. We are not medically trained but we figured we could do something and use what we think is delicious to say “thank you” to these brave individuals.”

– Joanne Lim, co-founder of The Eminent F&B Group

Ebi Bar is located at B1-21 Cuppage Plaza, 5 Koek Road Singapore 228796.
Opening Hours: Tue – Sun: 11am – 10:30pm
Find them on Facebook and Instagram

Order their food for takeaway and delivery here Diners may also opt to order selected items from Ebi Bar via other delivery platforms which are soon to be confirmed.

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