Food For Now: Subway brings back the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sub, now spicier than ever before

Forget Mala or the Spicy Noodle Challenge, it’s time to chow down and get ready to take the heat with Subway’s newest twist on a fan-favourite, The Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sub.

Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sub

By popular demand, Subway is bringing back the beloved Buffalo Chicken ($7.50, including a drink), this time with a fiery flavour that improves upon the previous recipe, making it even richer and spicier than it originally was. The level of spice? The same on the Scoville Scale as a Serrano Pepper – around 10,000 units. Now that’s hot.

Lemon and Coconut Cookie

End your meal with the new Lemon and Coconut cookie. Refreshingly zesty, let this tough cookie take the edge off the spice from the Spicy Buffalo Chicken sub. Both the Spicy Buffalo Chicken sub and Lemon and Coconut Cookie are now available for a limited time only.

Just like Subway has spiced up an old classic, they’re also challenging the audience to spice up your old routines as well. With the Heightened Alert measures in place, Subway is rolling out new challenges on social media to spice up your life.

Subway fans looking to spice up their weekends can look forward to their Facebook contest, where they’ll be challenging fans to share Something Bold they’ve accomplished that week. In return, 3 lucky winners stand a chance to win mystery experiences to spice up their weekend. Plus, stand a chance to win free meals from subway by sharing your reactions and feelings on Instagram Stories. Simply tag them with #SpiceItUpSubway in the post to participate.

More news and updates available via Subway’s social media channels on  FacebookInstagram and TikTok. Spicy Buffalo Chicken Sub is now available at Subways across Singapore.


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