Food For Now: Shake Shack launches Great World City outlet with a spicy Jalapeño Ranch Menu

Great things are happening at Great World City, especially with hit burger chain Shake Shack’s sixth outlet opening this week! To celebrate the launch, Shake Shacks across the island will be offering up a limited-time Jalapeño Ranch Menu, where the usual burgers get an extra burst of spice.

Available only from 28th April to 15th June across all Shake Shack outlets, the limited time menu features a twist on the classic ShackBurger, Chick’n Shack and Crinkle Cut Fries – each one is slathered in their in-house, creamy, tangy ranch and house-pickled jalapeños.

What makes the ranch sauce such a delight? The answer lies in its potent mix of ingredients – real parmesan, black pepper and fresh jalapeños that complement Shake Shack’s favourite menu items, and bring the heat. The ranch is a refreshingly welcome contrast to the jalapeños, which cut through the thick sauce with their spicy-sour flavour, giving the extra crunch and juice to the already rich burger.

Both burgers are indulgent options: the Jalapeño Ranch ShackBurger (we recommend the double patty) features 100% Angus beef, pepper jack cheese, house-made ranch, house-pickled jalapeños, crispy bacon, tomato and lettuce. If you’ve had Shake Shack’s Smoke Shack burger before, which is sharper in its spice and smokiness, this one differs in that it’s a lot more moist, thanks to the ranch sauce and juicy jalapeños, and helps balance out the other elements in the burger perfectly.

Meanwhile the Jalapeño Ranch Chick’n Shack sees the addition of house-made ranch, house-pickled jalapeños, bacon, tomato and lettuce to the crispy chicken burger. Both burgers are jam-packed with a welcome burst of flavour, coming right after the initial, spicy wave of ranch sauce.

Of course, the crispy Crinkle Cut Fries are necessary for a complete meal, now with the same ranch sauce and house-pickled jalapeños, and even bits of crispy bacon.

If you’re visiting the Great World outlet, then you’ll also want to get your hands on one (or both!) of their exclusive Concretes. Taking inspiration from its history as one of Singapore’s most renowned amusement parks, get your fun on with the Poppin’ Good Time, with a vanilla custard base, blended with chocolate popping candy, fudgy brownies from Plain Vanilla, salted caramel sauce and gold sprinkles.

On the other hand, you’ve also got the Berry Ferris Swell, featuring vanilla custard blended with tangy raspberries and cheesecake. Both Concretes are essentially a mix of fluffy cake, frozen custard, and little details that leave any meal on a sweet note. Even better, if you purchase the Shack Attack™ concrete at the Great World Shack, 5% of sales will go to Promisedland Community Services, a non-profit organization that provides their beneficiaries with a wide range of services to assist in their daily lives.

If you can, while visiting Shake Shack Great World, grab a seat opposite the special mural designed just for this outlet. Fully committed to support and spotlighting local artists, Shake Shack Great World carries on the tradition set by Ripple Root at the Suntec City outlet; Eeshaun at the Vivocity outlet; Sam Lo at the Keong Saik outlet and of course, 8eyedSpud at their Jewel outlet. This time around, they’re featuring local artist tobyato, whose sprawling artwork is psychedelic, vibrant, and evokes feelings of fun and nostalgia, capturing the feelings of riding a roller coaster and a ferris wheel with its swirling motifs and colours that pop. Think of it as your little playground, throwing back to a more innocent time in the past, as you take a bite into a burger.

Most importantly, coming to Shake Shack Great World will fill you with that same joy that Great World itself was once known for. Beyond the consistently high quality burgers, where the staff have been so well-trained that putting them together is practically an art, you’ve got great counter staff as well doing their best to amp up the mood and bring a smile to the restaurant. We were served by Q-mar when we visited, who greeted us with a wide grin behind his mask, exuberant and full of energy as he took our order, and certainly perked up our mood even at 7pm after a long day (be sure to say hi to him if you see him there). And it is this dedication to quality across both food and customer service, and crafting that alluring atmosphere that makes a visit to Shake Shack more than a meal – it’s an experience.

Shake Shack’s sixth outlet opens on 28th April 2021 at #01-101, Great World, 1 Kim Seng Promenade, Singapore 237994. Get there early – the first 100 customers to arrive at their opening (from 12pm, 28th April) will even get exclusive swag!

The limited time Jalapeño Ranch Menu menu will be available at Shacks island-wide from 28th April to 15th June only. Find out more on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.


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