Food For Now: Gong Cha Introduces An Airport Terminal Concept At Its SingPost Centre Outlet With Eight New Destination-inspired Drinks

If you missed traveling, never fear – Gong Cha is here to sate that thirst, with its one stop “Flight Terminal”, located at Gong Cha’s SingPost Centre outlet. Spanning 800 square feet, the newly-spruced outlet is decked in Instagram-worthy aviation-themed decal similar to an airport terminal departure hall. Complete with a ‘check-in counter’, ‘boarding gate’ and ‘window seat view’, amongst others, customers are immediately transported to the familiar environment of air travel. And you can even go on a world tour – with a whopping eight limited time drinks, each one inspired by a different country in the world. Check them out below:

Inspired by Canada, enter the indulgent Maple & S’mores drink, a sticky-sweet beverage with the roasted flavour of maple syrup. Gong Cha’s signature Milk Tea is elevated with a drizzle of maple syrup and topped with chunky marshmallows on a stick. To be enjoyed at any time of the day, this beverage is both fun to drink and eat.

Inspired by Japan, the Grape Vinegar Tea drink is a refreshing cuppa, with hints of tart vinegar that gives way to the sweet, fruity undertones of the grape syrup. Made with grape vinegar, green tea, soda, grape syrup and aloe vera cubes for a satisfying bite.

Inspired by Korea, the Daebak Banana drink is a decadent and rich chocolate banana concoction that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Made with a layer of creamy milk foam, banana milk and chocolate drizzle, the drink also includes bits of chocolate crisps.

Inspired by Mexico, the Mangoanada is Gong Cha’s version of the iconic Chamoyada, both sweet and spicy with its tangy mango puree, green tea and soda water. Throw in some chilis (you can choose your preferred spice level), and it’s a drink that’ll wake you right up.

Inspired by the USA, berry-lovers can look forward to the Cranberry Tea Ade. Reminiscent of fizzy cranberry juice, the drink is made with Gong Cha’s mellow Alisan Tea and star-shaped jellies, for some chewy action alongside the earthy flavour of the tea and tartness of the cranberry syrup drizzle.

Inspired by Vietnam, the Roasted Caramel Cafe is reminiscent of the iconic coffee in Vietnam, where the sharp acidity of the aromatic coffee used seamlessly fuses with the sweet, malty and almost buttery flavour of caramel syrup. Topped off with a creamy layer of milk foam for just the right amount of savoury.

Inspired by sunny Singapore, Gong Cha’s Rose Bandung drink takes after the local favourite thirst quencher. Made with Gong Cha’s mellow and light-bodied Alisan Milk Tea and chewy white pearl toppings, the tea’s slightly sweet and floral flavour is complemented by rose syrup.

Finally, inspiration can be found close to home – Gong Cha’s home that is, with the Taiwan-inspired Bamboo Charcoal Milk Foam Drink. The dark and malty flavour of the black tea is accentuated with the savoury layer of milk foam that sits atop the beverage, alongside a subtle sweetness from a drizzle of caramel syrup. The drink is also topped with both white and regular pearls for a hearty chew.

We hope that this new concept brings the world closer to our customers in hopes of satiating their dreams of travel, even if it’s just for a little while,” said Mr. Cheong Zhaoyong, Brand Director of Gong Cha Singapore.

“The first-ever Gong Cha Terminal is another innovative milestone celebrating two of our core strengths – quality tea creation and the brand’s global presence. With the Gong Cha Terminal, customers are able to travel the world with authentic bubble tea experiences from eight iconic locations, which can be especially meaningful given that leisure travel is still off limits to most, if not all of us. We hope that this new concept brings the world closer to our customers in hopes of satiating their dreams of travel, even if it’s just for a little while,” said Mr. Cheong Zhaoyong, Brand Director of Gong Cha Singapore.

The eight new ‘Flight Terminal’ drinks are exclusively available at Gong Cha SingPost Centre, while stocks last. Find out more on Gong Cha’s website, Facebook and Instagram


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