Food For Thought: Raise Your Chopsticks With WorldHotels Singapore

There is no better time than now for Singapore to slowly begin reopening their society with celebrations, hotel staycations and dine-in restaurants especially since Lunar New Year is approaching. Of course, it is only with strict guidelines and safety measurements that this
is made possible. WorldHotels is proud to showcase their selection of Singapore affiliated hotels namely, Carlton City Hotel Singapore, Carlton Hotel Singapore, Goodwood Park Hotel and Hotel Fort Canning as they usher in a year of prosperity.

“Lo Hei” in Cantonese, means “tossing up good fortune” and it refers to the ritual adopted by Chinese all over the world by the of tossing the Yu Sheng and saying of auspicious phrases at the same time. Yu Sheng meaning “raw fish” in Chinese, is a salad dish comprising thin slices of raw fish and various seasonings that are mixed while tossed together with the other ingredients. It is a usually eaten during Chinese New Year and popularly believed that the higher the toss, the better your prospects and fortune in the year ahead.

Along the fringes of Chinatown and located in the central business district, Carlton City Hotel is an upscale business hotel that is stylish, green and convenient. This year, choose from 2 renditions of the Classic Abundance Yu Sheng with Smoked Salmon or Abalone, starring an assortment of julienned vegetables and condiments to accompany delightful oceanic toppings. Available at the New Year Shoppe from S$68 (4-6 persons) onwards until 26th February 2021.

Strategically located in the heart of City Hall, Carlton Hotel Singapore is an elegant and commodious hotel that has prime historical landmarks within walking distance to explore.
Stepping out of the box and elevated from Wah Lok’s classic Abalone Yu Sheng, black truffle paired with truffle oil dressing adds a luxurious touch to the new Truffle Abalone Yu Sheng
that is available up till 26th February 2021 from S$128 (4-6 persons).

As Singapore’s distinguished heritage hotel, Goodwood Park Hotel is known for unparalleled hospitality, elegant accommodation and renowned cuisine. From now until 26th February 2021, Min Jiang’s Joyful Blessings “Lo Hei” will be available from S$188++ (up to 8 persons). Edible
flowers and goldfish-shaped Japanese pickles add a contemporary touch to this artful Yu Sheng.

Surrounded by lush landscapes and gardens that provides peace and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of life, Hotel Fort Canning is an urban oasis bursting with rich history.
The Oceans of Prosperity Premium Yu Sheng embodies the full opulence of Alaskan king crab, Boston Lobster and grilled unagi. All for a captivating price of S$328++ (10-12 persons)
at The Salon until 26th February 2021.

For more information, visit their website here


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