Food For Thought: New Kids’ Menu at Brewerkz serves up fun and gastronomic delight for all

Brewerkz, Singapore’s original craft brewery, launches their new kids’ menu with refreshed favourites and innovative twists to classic dishes. Designed to make family-time even happier and healthier, the homegrown craft beer and restaurant brand introduces a new dining experience for young ones.

Pulled Beef Mantou Sliders and Mac & Cheese Cubes

The restaurants’ new offering keeps the young palate in mind and serves up a new spin on popular menu items like the Mac & Cheese Cubes, bite-sized macaroni and cheese croquettes served with marinara sauce and topped with candied bacon, Pulled Beef Mantou Sliders, a flavour-packed, crunchy and tender rendition of the beef burger, and Grilled Chicken Skewers, a medley of chicken, sausage in honey soy marinade, cherry tomatoes and pineapple.

Other delights include the all-time favourite Fish & Chips, made with hake to be softer and
juicier, and the Pork Floss Pizza, a lighter meal option featuring mozzarella cheese, pork floss and Japanese mayonnaise. Each main course is served with a choice of drink and dessert, plus a token for a spin on the capsule toy machine. Even the dessert and drinks are given the healthy treatment as Brewerkz brings in new beverage options like Yakult, and the Traffic Light, a fruit juice popsicle that offers young diners a healthier choice for their complimentary dessert.

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Traffic Light and Grilled Chicken Skewers

“Parents always want children to eat healthier, and incorporate more vegetables and fruits into
their diet – mostly to children’s disdain. A meal out should always be exciting for kids, and we want to show our young diners that nutrition-packed vegetables and fruits can be delicious and
fun too,” says Chef Seow Tzi Qin, executive chef of Brewerkz. “When developing this menu, I
focused on what children like to eat and what parents would like to feed their children. I even
tested the menu with a panel of young foodies! I guess you can say this is “for kids, by kids”.”

In addition to ending the meal on a sweet note with dessert, Brewerkz also specially procured
capsule toy machines filled with mystery gifts such as stationery and figurines, giving each
young diner a free turn.

Delivering an enjoyable experience for families and young children is important for Brewerkz,
and the restaurant plans on constantly reinventing their menu to introduce exciting new offerings for all ages.

The new kids’ menu is available at all Brewerkz outlets in Singapore: Riverside Point, One Fullerton, Indoor Stadium and Orchard Rendezvous Hotel. For more information, visit their website here


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