Food For Thought: Paris Baguette launches new treats for CNY 2021

Bakery chain Paris Baguette has launched the Royal Lunar New Year Series of delightful cakes,
cookies and teas in time for the coming Chinese New Year festivities, available across all Paris Baguette outlets till 17th February 2021.

Featured in Korean drama series “The King: Eternal Monarch”, this special new roll cake uses Isigny French butter from Isigny Ste-Mère, a French dairy coop with a long and prestigious tradition in butter-making. The coop is situated in a privileged location near the sea, where
the cows graze on lush grasslands, that are rich in mineral salts and trace elements, producing milk that is unmistakably full of the flavours of the terroir. The rich flavour enhances the buttery taste of the roll cake that is balanced well with the sweetness of the red bean paste. Packed in a premium gold box, The King’s Roll Cake is priced at $15.90).

Every king must have his queen, and graced with a rich, buttery flavour, The Queen’s Pound
Cake (priced at $16.80) is decadently dense with each slice packed with generous chunks of sweet mango and tangy pineapple jam. While good on its own, this can also be enjoyed with additional fruit and nuts for an indulgent treat.

Inspired by French butter cookies, these Royal Orange and White Chocolate Sable cookies (priced at $16.80 per bottle) are light and chewy, with a refreshing citrusy aroma. Homemade with orange zest, the cookies are dotted with white chocolate chips, which give the treat
delightful hints of creamy sweetness. This is complemented with the earthiness sourced from the almond powder used.

These buttery Sable cookies are baked with generous amounts of roasted macadamia nuts, which lend the cookies a hearty crunch, and creamy chunks of chocolate chips. Its golden exterior is crispy and when bitten, gives way to a satisfyingly chewy and aromatic
centre. Coated with chocolate and coconut powder to satiate cravings for all things sweet, pair these cookies with a warm cup of brewed coffee or tea for the perfect afternoon snack. Priced at $16.80 per bottle, the Royal Macadamia Cookies are available in either white chocolate or milk chocolate flavours.

For the chocoholics, these rich and indulgent handmade cookies will not disappoint. Baked with tasty chocolate chips, each bite of the Royal Double Chocolate Cookies (priced at $16.80 per bottle) gives way to a chewy, gooey and decadent chocolatey centre. The sweet fudginess of the chocolate chips is contrasted perfectly against the acidic bitterness of the cocoa powder used
in these cookies, creating an irresistible snack that leaves you wanting more after every bite.

Available in three refreshing flavours – Hadong Green Tea, First Break Tea and Young Earl Grey Tea, the TEATRA Tea Box comes in 10 or 12 teabags. The Hadong Green Tea (priced at $18.00 for 10 teabags) has a savoury and nutty aroma with hints of zingy, fruity sweetness for a refreshing thirst quencher. The First Break Tea (priced at $17.00 for 12 teabags) consists of a black Assam tea base with robust notes of burnt caramel, which seamlessly blends with the smoky, citrusy scent of Ceylon for an aromatic and sumptuous cup of tea, perfect for mornings.

Fans of Earl Grey will enjoy the Young Earl Grey Tea (priced at $17.00 for 12 teabags). The bold, earthy flavours of the black tea base include delicate floral notes with hints of bergamot for a smooth, fragrant and comforting cup of tea.

In conjunction with the launch of the new series, Paris Baguette is offering promotions available both in-store and via islandwide GrabFood delivery, from now till 17th February 2021:

  • Royal Family of 4: Mix and match any four products from the new series at
    the promotional price of $58.00 (U.P. $72.00)
  • Royal Family of 6: Mix and match any six products from the new series at
    the promotional price of $88.00 (U.P. $128.00), plus a FREE tote bag,
    worth $20.00, while stocks last.
  • Free Islandwide GrabFood Delivery: Enjoy free islandwide delivery with a
    minimum spend of $88.00 and above, exclusive to GrabFood delivery orders.

Find Paris Baguette on their website and on Facebook and Instagram


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