McDonald’s Singapore turns up the heat for 2021 with Mala McShaker Fries

McDonald’s rings in the new year with the all new Mala McShaker™ Fries, set to leave you numb with joy and spice up your life come 2021. Tossed in a blend of Szechuan peppercorns, chilli powder, and other umami spices, the Mala McShaker™ Fries are the ideal combination with the signature McSpicy burger making sure you’ll burn so good. Available from $3.50 (a la carte), or as an add-on to any Extra Value Meal™ for just $0.70.

If you want more bang for your buck, you can even purchase a 2x Value Meal, which comes with 2 McSpicy burgers, 2 Mala McShaker Fries, and 2 medium Cokes, all at just $15. If you’re up early for more deals, then you can also be sure to start your day right with the all new Breakfast McSaver™ Meal. From just $4.50, choose your favourite breakfasts – Egg McMuffin®, Sausage McMuffin® or Chicken Muffin, and get a Hashbrown and a hot McCafé Premium Roast Coffee or tea as part of the meal.

Following their daily Christmas campaign, from 4th January, My McDonald’s App members will be able to enjoy new deals (including a new member welcome deal of a $2 McSpicy with any purchase), alongside 1-for-1 Mega Deals for the month of January. These include a la carte McSpicy® (4th to 6th January), Double Filet-O-Fish® (11th to 13th January) and Breakfast Deluxe (25th-27th January). Plus, you can even play the brand new McShaker™ game each day to win exciting deals such as $1 Mala McShaker™ Fries, $1 Frappes, Free Vanilla Cones or Hashbrowns with any purchase, all on your McDonald’s App.

Other deals include exclusive My McDonald’s App deals launching every Monday at 8am. The app’s new ‘Member Mondays’ deal will be sure to give you a happy start to the week. We’ve also got your birthday covered with your very own Birthday Treat deal with 6pc Chicken McNuggets™ at only $1 with any purchase.  

For more information, visit their website here


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